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  1. here comes the cocky c**ts. get back in your kennel. il kick it if i need your oppinion lads. thats the problem with this site people like you
  2. Keep the dog mate they are just absolute wankers on here ! Need to beep their finger of their keyboard they are ruining this sight slowly but surely !! Atb suluki whippet greyhound I know you can give him more work than half the bellends on here !
  3. Mate go lie down yor boring the whole site. Dummy ? I left it to your mrs , didn't taste to clever after that.
  4. No because u ain't the sense to look after a good dog. Let alin u
  5. Haha your funny ain't you , you got lurchers ? If your such a big man lets have a night one an il go one to one with any dog u desire. This dog no jibber now go lie down u keyboard warrior you might burn your finger tips typing that fast !
  6. Lads why don't you all keep your silly f*****g comments to yourself you know nothing about the dog an never will so shut up an stop being a keyboard warrior I couldn't give two fucks about your theories or anything you may think as your all to busy on your computer than going out an giving your dogs any graft. An As fr Lakeland pups I don't Own a Lakeland so get your facts right ! I'm just trying to rehome a very good dog I'm giving any trial you desire so your either intrested or not! This site is ruind by your silly comments hence why I hate adding any posts in here as what ever is written added or talked about is never good enough. So less of te dog an take your dog for a walk you f*****g invalids ! This sight has even ruind by you lot ! Not everyone just certain cocks ! Thanks for the positive comments tho to the decent people out there ! Dog will be getting remove tomorrow as your all irritating pricks who like nothing better than bitching on here 24-7
  7. thanks mate , theres people on here selling absolute garbish. an still getting simular amounts of money, but this is a serious well beahved dog with a excellent work ability for the same price. whats else do they want ....
  8. mate if your regarding his running abilty he will run all night just the same as any other running dog n bag as many that can be bagged. he is a serious animal !
  9. lads less of your slandering on the post your all fast enough getting stuck in to people behind your keyboards. im just genuinley getting rid of a dog that is worth his weight in gold an offering to one of you on here. is there such a bad thing in that. ? now stop the talk an let him be rehomed much obliged
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