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  1. hi im looking for someone in kent who can stuff 3 owls for me . please comment or pm me. how much would each bird cost roughly ?
  2. sorry mate wrong stealth, should of said it a bit more clearly , I meant to say gun power stealth "I think" but thanks for the input all the same. my fx2000 is a wee bit noisy so I was going to take him up on his offer but so many people say good things about the fx2000 I have decided to keep it and try to tune it up a bit myself, you'll probably see it on here next week in the spares or repair section ha ha . if anyone has any info on how to quieten it down more than the standard silencer Im all ears !
  3. hi people can anyone give me some advise please iv been offered a gp stealth to swap for my fx2000. is this a wise choice ?
  4. hi im after the 2 woodlore blanks ground to shape a neck knife and the bottom set of 3 . pm me the details for payment and a contact number please atb sam
  5. Jamie your msg box is full , cant send you a msg . I need a chicken coop asap . let me know if its still for sale please.
  6. I recognise the tubby man in the picture from a wanted poster at new Scotland yards web site . we can cash in on the reward if you tell me who he is
  7. ok cool , is there anything I can do to help them at all ?
  8. hi all , my jill has had a surprise litter tonight , didn't know when it was going to happen really . I have 2 jills and a hob all living together , now I have taken the hob out but the other jill wants to be with mum and kits , is this going to be ok ??? she has plenty of water and a plenty of alpha ferret feast.
  9. nice looking dog , I had one very similar when I was about 14, he lived to 17 years old. had a bit of collie in him tho he was very obedient , could tell him to stay and walk out of sight and he would not move an inch ! mustard he was . called him merlin .
  10. depends if they like each other , should be ok though as long as no bitches are there . atb sam
  11. she's stunning mate hope she turns out to be good .
  12. What the feck difference does that make to anything' and with a name like whipmistress I'm thinking you've logged into the wrong doggin site. PMSL HA HA ! !
  13. spot on ! I have trouble with match stick men , id love to be able to draw but I just cant, so I really appreciate it when I see something that is done so well , how much would that cost someone to have that done ?
  14. this is what my beddy whip does but apart from that he is stealth mode even I don't know where he is half the time.
  15. looked at the 1st pic and thought to my self I know that land ! then as I looked close I realised where that was . I work a bit of land not far from there . small world ! atb sam
  16. sounds like my 17 yr old nephew, shame the tit cant find the soap though !!!
  17. spot on , he wont be getting cold in the winter . i would be over the moon with him if he was mine and wouldnt be bothered with whats in him but what i can get out of him
  18. They will make the perfect working dog i think , no need for ferrets , they will be small enough to put down the hole and fast enough to run them down lol
  19. my back garden is bigger than your mates i can fit 14 dogs in it .
  20. very nice , been looking at the sand pits down here but there all stuck up on health and saftey ! probably want me to put me hi-vis vest on and sign in
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