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  1. Do dogs need a passport,vaccinations etc to go on the ferry?
  2. The show is pre entry for Terriers and the entry closing date has ended Ruby
  3. Sounds a good read will try and find this one
  4. Jock of the Bushveld available free to download onto kindle via Amazon Ruby
  5. My Black Crossbred bitch won Crab fair Champion of Champions Ruby
  6. Well done Grant C nice to meet you. Ruby
  7. Good solid looking pups there mate, deep,square heads on them...look forwards to seeing them soon... Ruby
  8. Chancer exactly which 'non working dogs' were you refering to????I can assure you my dog that won the Champion Terrier and overall best in the open show IS a working terrier. Ruby
  9. Staffy x Russell As for his behavior hes just establishing his position in the pecking order....could settle down once the dogs have sorted it out.Same with family members be firm and fair and most importantly consistant with his rules... Good luck with him Ruby
  10. Good healthy looking bunch you have there Steve Ruby
  11. it does reinforces the type you want but with mother and son or brother and sister they turn out shite LOl...Shite isn't an arguement...if you breed from shite you get shite!!! whatever way you breed it
  12. In the wild(lions ,wolves.hyena's etc) the interbreeding would be a natural occurance in fact not just natural but most probably the normal occurance then why,has interbreeding not directly or indirectly killed whole breeds off????? Ruby
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