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  1. blakes101

    Hunting Catapult

    Can't find any for sale on here. Seen this on eBay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/171629537803?_trksid=p2060778.m1438.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT Anyone bought one off this chap before? Any good? Advice/thoughts appreciated, thanks.
  2. blakes101

    Hunting Catapult

    Cheers mate, I will have a look.
  3. blakes101

    Hunting Catapult

    Where is a good place on the web to buy hunting catapults/slingshots new can anyone tell me please?
  4. As title. Starts 12 Noon. See http://www.blackcombecountryfair.co.uk/ for further info. Not a huge show in comparison to others but worth a look if you are in the area.
  5. blakes101

    Suzuki Jimny

    Is there such a thing as a 4x4 thats good on fuel though? I believe that on the continent there is such a thing as a Jimny 1.5 DCi. This is a hell of a combination. Shame you can't get them over here in RHD.
  6. blakes101

    Call Bird's

    Just want to note it on here that I met Marty the other day to get a call bird. He drove a few miles out of his way to meet me and was very helpful and friendly. Top man. Great to meet someone off the forum not to mention someone who is prepared to help in such a way. Thanks again
  7. blakes101

    Fox Shooting Advice

    Have a look on youtube - fieldsportsbritain channel. Theres some good stuff on there about this. Specifically a guy called Roy Lupton. Theres a recent video on there of him calling foxes to within around 8 yards. As lanber says - wind in your face else they will pick up your scent. You need a fox call (blow into it, mimics a dying/injured animal i.e Rabbit. Plenty around. 'Silva' fox whistles are meant to be good.) Also a Ghillie suit would give you more of an advantage. If money is an object then just get camo'd up best you can in some cover/hide and lick the back of your hand, purse your lips and suck against wet hand to mimic the injured small animal. It works! Right time, right place and with a bit of luck you could have some success. Also, better to use 3" magnums if your gun will allow. I'm no expert by the way, but these are the basics.
  8. Could quite possibly be a Rizzini then! Wonder which of the three Rizzini's though.....?!
  9. Thanks so far guys. More pics:
  10. This is my first ever gun that was given to me by a good friend who knew very little about it. Make unknown, no names on it that anyone has been able to find. Fixed choke o/u in 20 Bore, single trigger (selectable firing order) ejector, so I'm assuming its not ancient. Engraving doesn't give anything away... Anyone any idea? Does anyone else on here have one same/similar? TIA
  11. blakes101

    Trail Cameras

    Can you pass on the info for them please?
  12. Nice in depth review - I'd like one but there doesn't seem to be any on eBay. Anyone got any leads on where to get one? Thanks
  13. blakes101

    Trail Cameras

    I'd be interested to hear more about this cam too as I'm looking for another. I'm about to make a post about the one I have now.
  14. blakes101

    hello new to the forum from cumbria

    I was on the Pheasant shoot beating for Murray a couple of weeks ago! My first time, good crack (not to mention exercise!) Enjoyed it but work most weekends plus with other commitments I struggle for time. Welcome to the forum btw
  15. blakes101

    Subaru Alloys with legal Tyres

    Good price! Can't tell if they are white or silver... Tbh I don't fancy paying up front for something on Gumtree tho.