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  1. Was there a bitch about called ice kg bred
  2. Is stocko still about he paid daft cash for terriers that man he knocked about with lad called craig smith
  3. wall paper scrapper for takeing it of shovel
  4. had 2 days at st marys loch 3 of us 9 rods out not a bite for 2 days hard place to fish
  5. ther quite few upther mate its first come first serve
  6. high 20s were looking for new spots for pike if any one can help
  7. had 2 days pikeing at selby 3 lakes 4 of us 2 pike was hard fishing
  8. were at in yetholm mate gett up ther alot with dogs
  9. deaver thorn gella thatch few ive had
  10. did he not have a dog called chaz or taz somethink like that and a bitch called tilly herd ther were canny dogs well ok dogs ha mr g
  11. my mate had his terriers stolen yesterday from stainton middlesboro strong black bitch in pup and strong black dog both working scars any info ring niel on 07725544854 thanks
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