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  1. Cold Ethyl


    Dont ever sign anything to do with them no matter what.Also they have exactly 6 weeks top prosecute or drop it thats it end off phone them and tell them to get it returned or your prosecuting them and you will be charging any vets fees to them if this dog isnt perfect when you get her back.Usually the dogs come back in a mess tbh skinny stressed and totally out of condition So demand to see her which you can do as well and take pics of her.Your also fully entitled as i did to write to the head offcie and ask for full disclosure under the sharing information act as to any info they hold on you
  2. Your Storm as a pup Donut and the lovely Kayla The girls with my dads dane lol they never batted an eyelid either will add more later on need to dig them out lol
  3. Ive tried without sucess lol Donurs only about 19 inches tts but it works for her lol.Shes really agile and speedy and quite smart at being in the right places at the right time
  4. Shes geat out doors but a spoiled cow in the house lol.She done great so far have to admit im chuffed with her and shes done well for what shes done.Seen her sisters at a show recently and got a few pics of them so chuffed now will stick some of the pics i have of the rest up for you the little brown one is looking fab but shes not worked and Sheila is fooking massive.caboose is huge too and donut is only about 19 inches to the shoulder but it works shes a little rocket lol she can jump like feck as well and shes smart tends to work things out fairly easy outdoors.Where as in the house she jus
  5. Plenty of that fraternity round here tell them to leave storm alone cos he doesnt like strangers but they always know better somehow.I got told last week my dogs are too muscular and that can lead to their muscles seizing up and snapping and even how to feed them lol
  6. I go by what they look like in general if the hips arent protruding and your dog isnt a skeleton then i wouldnt say its too thin.In saying that the dog handed in tonight id need to starve for a month to find her ribs shes the fattest lurcher ive ever clapped eyes on
  7. Yep theyre nice enough dogs i kept your pups sister and shes done me proud so far.
  8. are you sure hes hes not just curling his lips as this happens in some dogs when they get excited My male smiles sometimes when hes excited or roars not a nasty thing just an excited kind of a thing.Best thing i ever did with the pup was to get her a dog bed and when she was out of hand she gets told to get in her bed fairly loudly and once there i leave her be.This takes away confrontation as a lot of dogs dont like being backed into a corner.Or you could try getting a biscuit and once hes in there of his own free will he gets the treat My older bitch will ocassionally nip your fingers
  9. Im looking for info on the breed.I dont want googled stuff looking for people who own thems prespective and true idea of the breed.Looking for the good the bad and whatever else i can get.According to some theyre dangerous and tenacious only ever met a few and never thought that myself but now trying to find out as a fair few are hitting rescues and some have ended ptson vets advice due to temprement despite the fact the dog showed no signs of being agressive.Can anyone help many thanks in advance
  10. Pup is way too young she wont have seen f**k all really at that age and it takes a huge toll on a bitch nevermind a young one.
  11. Took on manchester terrier years ago f*****g hated the cow tbh.Then i got one i rescued in to rehome and he was a whinging f****r from hell a nippy little sod as well and then a collie x whippet that made 2 short planks look like a pc
  12. Couldnt cope with that lol it would worry me if im honest.My dad never agreed with what i did but didnt give me grief for it and now he has his own terrier he understands it a whole lot more plus he knows it makes me happy and how well kept the dogs are so hes seen another side to it.Maybe if you google some of the horror stories about foxes killing kids and attacking people she might change her mind a bit
  13. Stunning dogs mate i know what you mean with barmy though Donut tends to try and jump anything shes only little as well and she cant jump like a kangaroo.Storm can jump too high as well so you often find yourself waiting on the other side of fences for him.
  14. Glad to hear hes better than he was my cat wasnt so fortunate he got better then took a stroke but as far as i gather its easy to treat dogs for poisoning than it is cats.I also hope if someone doen ti deliberately then they end up in a really bad place in life cos anyone who does this sort of thing is sick in the head
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