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  1. Would be a good idea setting up a lure on the field but it's usually sodden wet, as it probably will be tomorra cos it's been pishing it down all day. Might have a look up but I've got a car window regulator to replace ....
  2. Hi, I'm looking into keeping pigeons soon, I've tried to do some research but all the information seems to be from American forums or racing pigeons, so there's a few gaps in the breeding that I need to understand first. 1. Once a cock and hen pair up, do I put them into their own small cage away from the main (indoor) pen? 2. Do they still need to be let out whilst sitting on an egg? 3. How long do the cock and hen sit on the egg for? After this do I put the cock, hen, and newborn into the pen with the rest of the pigeons? 4. Do the same cock and hen pair up again and again, or wil
  3. We have 2 dogs with Argos, when we claimed when my beddy whippet got hit by a car a few months ago the paperwork was filled out straight away and payment received by the vet within a few weeks. If I remember correctly they operate as a front for Royal Sun Alliance which is canny reputable.
  4. Great show agaiin, good turnout and some hellish dogs. Good to see the organisers having parking on the field this year instead of along the roadside also
  5. Was a good show, was swamped with charity collectors tho
  6. this show is definatley on on SUNDAY 5th the original post is from last year..
  7. Snowing again up here. Had leeks, lettuce, carrots growing indoors on the window sill, doing well, but had them outside during the day for the last few days, looks like am guna have to keep them inside another few days then put them out again
  8. She led the country exactly the same as Churchill did, which in times of war was a good thing, but in times of economic hardship was bad. Neither were fit to run a country in times of peace, given that both created civil wars within our homeland. Not a person to admire.
  9. About 9 days ago my 18th month beddy x whippet bitch was hit by a car, she suffered a dislocated shoulder and although it popped back in by itself straight away she now has nerve damage in her front left leg. When she is walking she drags the foot along on the knuckles/nails. Vet has shown us some excercises to keep the nerves active, ie bending each joint and stretching the leg, but I'm wondering what I can do to prompt her to put her foot down properly? I'm worried she will get used to walking how she is and the nerves will never repair. Edited to say: the leg from the shoulder do
  10. There is a whippet racing club that meets at Westerhope on Saturdays, they sometimes run lurchers so might be worth a look
  11. Started off a load of leeks, carrot and lettuce in trays on a windowsill above a radiator 2 weeks ago, about 1/3rd have germinated. Also some leeks and carrots in tubs outside, no luck yet tho. It was mostly leeks and carrots that did well last year, altho I don't have the space for veg that grows underground so I'm going to build some raised beds in the yard to give them a better chance. Had my name down for an allotment for years now typically they're now advertising for new tenants at the village where I moved from last year haha, only a few mile away like and we're chance to be moving
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