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  1. Hi folks ive recently had my first go on clays and loved it, ive been shooting air rifles and .22 my whole life and im currently a member of a pistol and rifle club though due to work commitments have not been able to attend as much as id like, does anyone know of any clay shooting clubs near Glasgow or is it a case of applying for an shotgun certificate and just entering competitions myself?
  2. Thats what you should expect when reading a rag like the sun, wouldnt wipe my arse with that comic of a paper, nothing but lies and fear mongering
  3. Thanks again for the input, il stick to the rules of any other animal i hunt, take a clean shot at reasonable range and never risk injuring the animal. Cheers folks
  4. thanks guys, great help. my groups are not really a problem ive been shooting for years so im confident in my ability and that of my rifle just wanted to make sure i was going to put the animal down first time. thanks again for your help
  5. Hi folks, not really done much fox hunting with guns but been asked to clear a couple for a farmer my question is will .22lr do the job with a head shot or heart/lung? Also if so what distances would it be effective at? Many thanks
  6. My kind of dog that, cracker! atb
  7. no, doubt it as 1) its a foreigncountry 2) we dont know who the individuals are and 3) muslim graves were also desacrated but that dosnt sell many papers so its been ignored
  8. Dont even understand why anyone would consider it, enough good dogs out there to breed from, rule of thumb "if you wouldnt bang that close a relative dont make your animals do it"
  9. Now thats a good.looking dog, get some collie or beddy through it n thatl be my perfect lurcher.none of this bull x shite!
  10. Cant believe the.amount of absolute w a n k e r s on here the boys just lost his dog at 17 years of age n yous are rippin the piss, bang out of order dare to call yersel dog lovers. all the best mate pick yerael up n move on
  11. Superb pics Nd.even.better looking dogs, credit to you mate!
  12. Hi lads n lassies, going to try my hand at squirrell trapping as i fancy eating a few.of these.critters, were is the best/cheapest place to buy traps? cheers in advance
  13. Tempt it along wit and as said above put it on n let it wander out in the garden should b fine after a week or so a couple if wee bits of chickenn
  14. Crackin looking pup, that sirelooks a belter!
  15. "half the.lurcher.world.cant.be wrong" so.were.there.no.lurchers taking rabbits,hares,foxes n deer.before bull x's ? surley nobody wouldve kept them if that was the case? i think its a looks thing either people wanting to look good with a big strong dog or down to peoples taste i.e judging a book by its cover. to be fair its human nature we are always gonae try differant mixes but just dont see what bull x's have over a good lurcher from.what ive seen. but all the best to anybody out there with one cause all that matters is a man happy with his dog in the feild!
  16. Nothing against bull type dogs i own a pure bull type as apet n great dogs but what i mean is any.lurcher ive seen.in the feild has never been short of guts or balls so why the big need for the bull through it, i have been around lurchers since birth and can.honestly say id never seen a lurcher with bull through it til i checked this site out and we used to regulary meet with guys from all over, nothing against bull x owners caise from what ive seen there is some handy dogs on here with bull in them just an observation
  17. hi lads, im relativly new.to the forum but have been involved in dogs and hunting since birth lol. not had a lurcher for roughly 5 years now and starting to look back into it now i have the transport again, something ive noticed a great deal of is huge amounts of litters with bull through them now i know they add strength n good jaw etc, but any.lurchers ive had never strughled to bring down deer single handedly or catch hare without bull through them just typical colliex, beddy x grey etc dont get me wrong they wernt world beaters but very smart n.never struggled.for power or strength, so my
  18. Strong pup that matr i bet he would be handy with charlie! not my cup of tea to be honest but well looked after by the looks of it atb
  19. In show/ status dogs it usually because people in turn want to breed their dog to make money, depending what breed you have will then dictate how much you will make, working stock and people who want to use their dogs rather than use them as breeding machines will sometimes preffer dogs as in mist cases they fill out better and tend to be bigger/stronger ie for killing foxes/ looking hard. im not saying bitches cant kill foxes nor that people only buy dogs to look hard before all the negative bitchy folk on here jump all over me
  20. So many know it all knobs on here its unreal fair doos its been done to death but as the guy says dnt like it either dnt look or dnt comment
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