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  1. even the best dogs jack but sometimes people dont admit it but i dont think there is any cross to match a saluki on hares on the big land i know there are some very good crosses but for wind salukis take some beating but they will jack like anyother cross
  2. i had a good bull cross but he would not get near my saluki cross on the big stuff horses for coures
  3. bull cross would never live with a saluki for stamina i have had both so i know which i think is best but each to there own
  4. you not to old mate at least you get out i am 60 but it is what keeps us going mate
  5. if the gasket gone your need to check the head for a crack and schim the head to be sure mate
  6. it could be the seal on water pump that as caused the trouble mate
  7. just got a nother hobby helping the farmer put up some\fencers but it is worth it he as just got us some more land so could not say no any way i can still take the dogs with me so not so bad
  8. dont think about size some very good big dogs and some good small some big dogs can turn on sixpence so it is not allways the size its the dogs heart
  9. i use bedwhipt for both and she does a fine job for both dont need a big dog mate
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