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  1. Here comes the wind and rain happy days

  2. Here is the arm arms feed back from the serial Sep 2 Rachel Faulkner Show details image001.jpg (1.9 KB) image002.jpg (1.2 KB) image003.jpg (1.1 KB) Thank you for your email. The date of manufacture is 31.10.1995 and is the Hunter Carbine model which weren’t given a Mk Regards, Air Arms HAILSHAM INDUSTRIAL PARK, DIPLOCKS WAY, HAILSHAM, EAST SUSSEX, BN27 3JF. ENGLAND TEL: +44 (0) 1323 845853 FAX:+44 (0) 1323 440573 WEB: www.air-arms.co.uk EMAIL: general@air-arms.co.uk © Air Arms (NSP Engineering Ltd). Air Arms reserve the right to make changes and alterations
  3. Hi i have a Air Arms Tx200 Hc .22 Mark 2 air rifle for sale it comes with hawke 3-9-40 mil dot sport HD scopes leather rifle sling and Swivels large gun bag and new spare stock moderator adaptor and moderator asking £300 Ono for it good rifle shoots very accurate and well built usual wear on cocking leaver and couple of chips on blueing family commitments forces sale can see pics on freeads can't upload on here saying image to big to upload cheers
  4. Local Garden centre or any ponds or lakes round you if you ask the owners permission. Also you could use reed maise samesort of result all the best
  5. Nice looking dog mate all the best with him
  6. She could be having a phantom pregnacey and she is treating the albino gill like she would her babies when the young move out of the nest she puts them back.
  7. been out with my tx200hc 2 rabbits and a hare

  8. been out with my tx200hc 2 rabbits and a hare

  9. Cheers rob registered on there and also gun star just thought i would give hl a go there is some good deals been had on here
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