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  1. my bitch,bull whip grey x saluki grey,does the job for me .
  2. Two dogs for 105.. How long are the slips you boys are giving? And do a lot of the rabbits sit in the seat. Big bag.fair play
  3. her sire was half cross sale grey. As for percentages I have no idea. She is 23" mate
  4. bull whip grey x saluki grey. There was another pic but administration won't show it
  5. 4 bunnies And a shot and retrieve on the way back.
  6. The dog is a collie saluki grey x saluki grey. The bitch is 2weeks older than the dog. Coming on a treat to be fair.
  7. I was gifted this pup mate. This is the bitch I bred.
  8. i entered a show with my pup on sunday,i won the dog pup class and in the final was up against a black 21" whippety type pup,about 6 months. The judge keeps small black dogs himself and it was his mate with the black pup. It won,i dont care but if you need a rossette that much,go buy one,lol. Everyone there couldnt believe the result,but thats showing for ya!
  9. im going,the website says there is ringside parking this year,any idea who is judging lurchers this year?
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