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  1. Healthy battery always charged after use never sat under charged I’ve got my £220 worth out of it
  2. I don’t care tbh what people charge im not them an I’m not buying but I will take the piss out of the silly prices asked because I can an will an I think £1000 big boys is mental tbh but at the same time if I was to breed a litter I don’t expect everyone to have to get a free pup just because some man or men on the hunting life says so an me pick the bill up for every f****r getting one for free an me paying it should be me getting one for free it’s my bitch all the outlay to rear it’s a joint effort for all wanting a pup out the bitch .least they can do is pay for wormers an chipping or get some money in the kitty to assist with rearing is on the best of the best after all it’s a joint effort.I’ve gifted pups I’ve sold a couple of pups to cover outlay at a fair rate in comparison to lurcher going rate at the time an received gifted pups Your trying to get your point over to the wrong person shadow I’m no money man but at the same time not genuinely bothered what others are paying or charging because I’m definitely not buying
  3. That’s why the rough un took my eye like a beddy crossAll nice dogs mate credit to you
  4. That rough un looks a nice un mate what way was that one bred
  5. Never owned one never needed to but can fully see what is bought to the table by the crossNever know what the future holds or what direction this game will take you in
  6. Our right it’s probably because I was bought up to never take advice from someone/people who has no actual experience on the any matter in question ie if I wanted to be a rock star I’d take advice from a rock star on being one not from someone who wants to be a rockstar who isn’t one if that makes sense I’m just aware on here people say one thing offer advice an do the opposite there self
  7. you’ve completely missed the point what I was getting at an gone off on your own direction slowly read it again open minded
  8. You can gift em or sell them at working mans prices or you can sell them at extortion prices guaranteed home for life is not a guarantee what ever way you do it once that pups left your house that pup you have no say in what the new owner does as it’s no longer your pup you gotta take it on the chin what ever happens how you feel what’s right or the wrong way to home them but at the same time humour folk on here that have never bred a litter Or had to home a litter telling you how it should be done
  9. I agree there is mate. some people only keep a small circle that’s sometimes a burden. It still wouldn’t surprise me if good lads thinking there doing some lad/lass a good turn by sorting them a pup for them to profit of there generosity I think it’s all risk now days tbh weather you sell at a sensible rate or gift or if you sell at a extortionate rate
  10. There a done for type now mate like many other Lurchers because of price of Lurchers it encourages people to breed anything for coin out of rubbish I think it’ll only get harder for lads that want a pup for work to get anything decent soon
  11. That’s it mate keep em maintained they last a long time
  12. What I can gather with lithium there not like the old wet cell type were the gradually loose charge lithium stays at full power but once that first indicator light goes out they drain reasonably quickly then go completely flat I alway keep mine topped up even over the summer months I’ll occasionally bung it on charge
  13. Mine last for ages before even the first indicator charge light goes out it’s a 22amp I run a 170 copy with variable I probably get 2 or 3 decent trips before the first light goes out I recon I’ve had my lithium battery about 7 years now I remember it was £220 to my door I felt at the time it was expensive but it whose me nothing now looked recently the same battery is about £300
  14. That’s all I remember of her yeahhh brackie ffs
  15. Me neither just a smidge of collie is enough I think goes a long way in a lurcher
  16. Exactly that mate but when you get a good one it’s usually a real good un
  17. Only problem I had with a bitch I bred that I got rid of to a family member to a pet home she didn’t have any bottle for anything more than rabbits an shot hare she was a bad pic of the litter but I had a choice of 2 bitches as I only keep bitches but she was still the better of the 2 as the other was like a little none ped the bitch I got rid of kept getting a recurring foot injury her obedience was out this world I could of used her for competitive obedience but that’s not my thing or I could of used her as a racing bitch but shows are not for me no more she was a really nice bitch if my game was just rabbits she’d of been just the ticket but due to lack of rabbits a out an out rabbiter is pointless the icing on the cake with her was I was out mooching an the white bitch puts a fox up by accident runs it bowls it then jacks by this time my young bitch who was 9months at the time she’s double collie beddy mixed related to the white bitch she clocked what had happened she was quite far a way made the ground up ran the fox an sorted the problem the white bitch was by my side just watching like was up lol that told me all I need to know that day that she wasn’t for me nice enough bitch I loved her an all that she’d been tried a good number of times
  18. I run with a local lad who gets on here who’s got a 28-29tts Sal/bull/greyhound it’s a nice dog it mugs rabbits people say these big heavy type dogs are no good on rabbits I’ve seen his dog run big fields an small it catches them well as good as any I think it’s just my preference for the type I keep but if I kept a bull x I don’t think I’d do it justice I only get out on the lamp 2-3times a week with a bit of mooching about an a bit of ferreting..........what am I saying I mean 7days an 7nights a week if I’m not working them in the day I can be found doing 5miles by the side of a push bike when we stop for a fag break I make the dog jump 5 bar gates
  19. Sure do d I think there a great cross I like collie crosses but not heavy on the collie love beddy crosses i always have done since I were a kid I like all the mix ups of traditional bred stuff with a drop of deerhound in em as well there my cuppa t an suit me but also like some of the well bred racey bull crosses but couldn’t warrant me owning one I wouldn’t be able to do it justice so stick to the old stuff that I can use
  20. Try a collie beddy mix mate they seem to tick most boxes none of that sensitive collie stuff an no head strong stuff from the beddy it’s a Match made in heaven I can’t see my self going any other way than this cross now mate can be used for a bit of everything an real easy to live with
  21. Alright mate that’s not really what I was asking what was the best dog you’ve had I was asking about the beddy xs you had what did you feel they were lacking to revert to collie xs
  22. No davie to Troyboy he had beddy blooded dogs when on the beddy Fb group just wondered what made him want to change to collie xs what he found weren’t for him about the beddy crosses
  23. I’ll be third from last but opened to if any one would want to squeeze in front
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