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  1. Recognised the hall I used to get up there when they have the cage bird sales in there. Bloody shame the traveling lads all kicking off with each other at a kids boxing event There not doing there selfs no favours always moan about predigest against them they could of took there disputes out side there’s a massive car park an big field out the back of there they have sorted there disputes out out the way fairly the proper way instead of bringing disappointment up on there selfs an others that will look upon traveling folk as all the same
  2. Ffs they should be completely ashamed of there selfs that building looks familiar was that in Warwickshire?
  3. Worst thing to do is go to the dog. if it’s returning dummies to hand regular it can do what your asking but I guess it’s down to experience /excitement next time it has a catch call the dog show how excited you are with the catch An how happy you are about the catch f**k all this bullshit about making noise your at the beginning an learning a dog the ropes You do what it takes to get what you need from the dog if the dog picks the catch up an starts to walk towards you start walking Backwards away putting distance between you an the dog
  4. There’s no perfect land only a perfect place an that’s layed on the sofa because you can ensure no dog got damaged asleep on the sofa It’s one of them things if you work em they will pick up injuries no matter how careful you are I’ve had dogs that are mainly greyhound bred that have served well with minimal injury throughout there career and I’ve had dogs with a fair bit of base blood that have picked up injury’s more readily on the same land that racey dogs never picked up none it all swings in roundabouts
  5. It’s a pup mate no different to any other pup training wise Regardless of it being bull blooded everything’s a game to them at that age that you can take advantage of let it be a pup it’s good that he’s confident that’s something you can work with towards your future together but got to remember there not robots there inquisitive there blank canvases they learn to fit in as they grow. I like a confident pup strong willed pup personally my self I like a firey little pup that’s full of beans there the best pups to train in my eye they keep you on your toes an your training methods interesting an fun rather than the boring standard routines of training.
  6. Last 3 books on Lurchers I kept the one in the middle by e.g Walsh is probably the best
  7. Got to be worth £1 for a read mate I used to have a decent lurcher book collection but soon realised after reading a few There all the same just worded differently they all give the same information that’s not really worth much in practical terms it’s all just mandatory stuff no real information on say feeding,exercise or how to check dogs over or how to repair light crapes etc I gifted most away to fb groups or friends
  8. Few raisins an mixed fruit bit of milk hey presto bread pudding
  9. Few raisins an mixed fruit bit of milk hey presto bread pudding
  10. Not as easy or romantic as that these days though mate never lived in one my self but I could imagine the king of the road cob/horse is no longer welcome in today’s fast moving life style or resting spots for the night would be a nightmare to pull on to I think a far more modern way could be a stealth camper that looks just like a van but kitted out for your own an style in side I’ve seen some pretty smart stealth campers that look normal on the outside but inside have a cool rustic look to them this is something I fancy doing one day when me kids have all left home getting on the road for a bit if I was single I wouldn’t live in a house that’s for sure
  11. As above could be a thorn in there that’s caused it to go infected give it a squeeze clean with hibiscrub dry it off an use veterinary wound power to dry it out fully an give a course of antibiotics should soon clear up. This wet cold weather ain’t helped much with dogs that are out regular any small nicks cuts soon get infected
  12. No mate it’s all variables on individual pup
  13. Not seeing many rabbits about on a local spot I get on for a quick look normally offers a few runs this is the second one I’ve took out the game full of mixi in the last 2weeks it’s strange watching my young bitchs anticipation of the rabbit when she runs the beam She’s expecting the rabbit to jink an make a run for it an the rabbit just sits there she’s like what just happened why didn’t it run best thing for the poor bugger to be put out it’s misery
  14. Bitches can be from 19tts -21 dogs normally 20-22tts depending on bedlington used second cross tend to produce bigger offspring the problem is with the bedlingtons is most are not worked as such there more just owned as a novelty without being seriously worked most people in to bedlingtons breed to names in the lines an use names of old legends as the sales pitch not many bedlingtons have a good coat there few an far between an are up an Down in size from 14tts up to 19tts some even 20tts but f1s are in demand any one producing f1s they will sell! But good ones are even harder to come by that’s why not many bedlington greyhound hardly ever make a name for there selfs as good like other crosses. I love beddy greyhounds there my favourite x a good un takes some beating in my eyes but I’d rather someone else take a risk with a f1 than my self with one id rather just use f1s to add base blood to another working type but finding a good one is almost as hard as finding a litter of f1s hope your bitch takes fella Be nice to know there could be some future hopefuls out there
  15. Fair play mate Fence could do with a lick of stain
  16. I know of a lurcher years ago that was a escape artist was a renowned cat killer there was story’s locally that the dog had cleared the village of cats I know the owners of the dog well they told me the dog used to bring them home an leave them in the front garden they used to end up on the road
  17. Sorry to hear this fella rip star. One thing it teaches you though out of such a very bad situation is every time you go out on the lamp you go out with a broad back an expect any thing to happen your always mentally prepared for the worst every time the dog takes a run after such a bad thing happening like this I feel for the lad I do but I’m sure with a decent mentor like your sen you won’t let the lad jack in an have him out an about with your runners and get him back on the horse an up an running again
  18. Less sausage in is diet weird fecker ain’t he surly If he is a bummer now he would of known he was a poo puncher at 11-12yrs of age
  19. Your not going to go far wrong mate using a greyhound you know we’re you stand And what your going to get as your still at the beginning with a half cross I mean you could go lurcher to lurcher but could end up really scatter bred to cloddy by adding to much to the mix straight away you could end up with a proper throwback litter an end up no better off than what ya got to begin with. I’ve got a young bedlington x lurcher to lurcher bred We’ve worked all the percentages out of parents an grandparents an this pup works out half base blood small bit of collie but mainly bedlington the other half mainly greyhound with some deerhound an a tiny bit of whippet if this bitch makes the grade but it’s very early days like 4yrs to early lol (got to think a head) she’ll go back to a greyhound (a sprinter) as we’re technically at the beginning an starting again as we’ve done a full cycle an changed the base blood from collie to bedlington bred
  20. Smart looking dog that mate
  21. Heard a lot of good things about heart break fell bred beddy xs a lot of people that were on the bedlington group when they used to reminisce about decent bedlington greyhounds 9/10 they were heart break bred
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