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  1. simonrocco

    Ferrets Wanted

    Any of this years jill kits for sale in Cumbria
  2. Does anyone on here use stopper pad protectors the last few times iv had my dog out he's ripped his stopper pads I let them heal right up then they rip would these protectors affect his running and turning in anyway I know they would protect his pads but they would be no good if he's slipping and sliding with them on any help would be appreciated ATB SR
  3. simonrocco

    Deerhound X Greyhound

    Im doing a bit of research as im looking into getting a deerhound x greyhound for my next dog in the next year and was looking for a pup from a working line who breeds decent working lines and what sort of price would I be looking at for one
  4. simonrocco

    Feeding Racing Pigeons

    I didn't know if it was an old wives tale or if there was any truth in it iv looked on the internet but cant find anything about it on there ill just feed them, them and see how I get on
  5. simonrocco

    The Worlds Gone Mad.

    I seen an advert on facebook the other week polecats and angoras starting from £250 going up to £550 but these came with pedigree papers to iv never heard of a pedigree ferret before at the end of the day a ferrets a ferret and worth a tenna max its just pedlars that want these sorts of ridiculous prices
  6. simonrocco

    Feeding Racing Pigeons

    Hello I was given a load of racing pigeons for ferret food and have been told by someone that you cant feed them racing pigeon that has had its vaccinations as its contains things that will harm your ferrets I was just wondering if this is true as I don't want to feed them something that could harm them
  7. simonrocco

    A Days Ferreting Near Slough

    Get any jobs in Cumbria pal and ill do them for you
  8. simonrocco

    Last Albino Kit For Sale

    No prob pal
  9. simonrocco

    Last Albino Kit For Sale

    I'm in Flimby Cumbria pal
  10. simonrocco

    Last Albino Kit For Sale

    Still for sale
  11. Iv got 1 albino hob left for sale off excellent working stock £10 west Cumbria
  12. simonrocco

    Snare Tethers

    2mm draw cord
  13. simonrocco

    Albino Kits For Sale

    Some pics
  14. simonrocco

    Albino Kits For Sale

    Iv got 2 albino hobs and an albino Jill for sale off excellent working stock £10 west Cumbria