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  1. The old rag racers got them going to a towel pretty much from the nest. The trick is to give em just enough to get them keen but not enough to piss them off with it. That's what I reckon anyway. I always introduce pups to most things at a young age but keep it fun rather than serious. It was more the development of muscle, ligaments and tendons that I was thinking of that may end up damaged.By keeping a young dog on the leash for 14 month or whatever will learn it jack shit mate,just like children & physical education at school which is scientifically proven to be beneficial to them,why
  2. That's puts our mind at rest thanks lads
  3. yes that is what I taught but I have never seen this before I should add the she is 25inc tall already so not small! Thanks lads two good inputs!
  4. Yes I know I am just using videos to show the way she runs , as a pose to the normal lurcher
  5. https://youtu.be/cJHLXzi_KCE This is the closet thing I could find to the way she runs! Sorry should have made own video but no you tune account !
  6. https://youtu.be/bsthKv0qmV8 Not my dog sorry but this shows a normal lurcher running!
  7. I have a weird question for you guys, my lamping partner got a lovely pup at 12 weeks old off good working wheaton lines , she is a 3/8 5/8 bitch. She is none 10 months old and she has put in a lot of time with her and we had her on the lure since she was 6 months , nothing major just to get em keen only a small sprint. So i have a pup I need myself a bull x same a month younger and we have been watching run together and they are the same speed but his bitch runs like I've never seen before , her 2 back legs stay together all the time , instead of one in front of the other. It's like the way a
  8. Why is Facebook full of pictures of lads lamping hares? Surely people don't think that's sport?
  9. yes and you will clearly so I stated your favour quarry to hunt and what's a test for your dog and I have to agree what's been said but why bother with the negative comments, I'm asking what different people are into!
  10. Before any ban, in your eyes ( reminder everyone worked different quarry!) what quarry was your favourite to hunt and why? What do you think the best test was , rat, rabbit, hare , fox or deer? Daytime I'd say a hare or a deer and night time would be a fox!
  11. Thanks lads each to there own , and everyone needs to make money so let the sales pitch keep coming as I'm going to Shane's castle , too expenses for 22 lads to travel to the mid lands !
  12. thanks for your advice have you ever been to Shane castle!
  13. 10 of us lads want to book a game fair and we have done birr castle and wanted to know is Shane castle the same thing or bigger? Or which one is the best in the uk ?? Thanks for the help?
  14. The GoPro type of camera are no use for Lamping. Their too wide angle with no zoom function so you end up with a bright white dot in the centre of a black picture! I've got a Sony Handicam I use if I'm trying to film some Lamping. It's not HD but seems to cope with a tighter spotlight fairly well. You do have to change your lamping technique slightly though as the camera can take several seconds to autofocus. So you either need to leave the lamp on or turn camera and lamp on pointing close in then raise them both up to your quarry. The tighter the beam the longer the camera will take to focus
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