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  1. He got a nice little HDPE 2 catty off me fitted with square green elastic as it lasts longer ... His x ply one broke after a few fork hits ... Hate the x ply mulitplex stuff ... As you all may know ...
  2. I give you some lead ammo tomoz ya gimp ... while I make you new bands , Also a catty to fit your hand ... I will even stop you getting fork hits ... As I know how and why they happen .... If your hunting you want lead steels will work but not as good at stopping the game as lead ....
  3. Yeah all for sale ... I make loads
  4. Its best to avoid the dreaded dub dub .... Dankung is better with more to offer in size and power ... Trust me I've tried most of the stuff out there ,,,
  5. Lee that nice but you should see the one I got off a german catty maker Its a work of art ... lol I like this too He is on ssf wins catty of month ... lol
  6. Horrible things waste of time ...
  7. http://www.dankung.com/emart/dankung-slingshots-rubber-tubingband-for-slingshot-c-90_71.html?page=3&sort=3a&zenid=uuahlnluml149oef788je2c2k6 There is some on here but you cut it yourself I think
  8. I'd give the birch or the ash a good home lol I like the ash one aswell Yep agreed that ash one is a beut Good craftmanship Bigoy This mushroom is a cross dresser .. Seen him on fb dressed up to 9's
  9. rob is a crafty c**t i got told he could use bils design too till bill told me other wise He was giving me some right shite on here .... posting on all my post... where is the con man now ...
  10. still need info on profile uploads ,,, Please .. :/

  11. You mean pete is real good mates with bill hays ... Oh I didn't know this ...
  12. Cant believe he told me he had permission to use all bill hays designs, the cheeky sod Felt a right bell when bill told me i shouldnt be condoning what hes doing ha He told me I could not copy his copies ....Only he had sole copy rights in uk ... I was like It just one I made for my self crazy fool ...
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