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  1. View Advert cages 1 large double 1 single...double can be divided to make 2 cages..comes with locking latches and toilet trays they do have some rust from but easy rectified with paint they are enameled quick sale no offers £125 Advertiser psm Date 28/12/17 Price £124.99 Category Kennels & Equipment  
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    1 large double 1 single...double can be divided to make 2 cages..comes with locking latches and toilet trays they do have some rust from but easy rectified with paint they are enameled quick sale no offers £125


    rotherham, uk

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    hiya kev thanks for sorting gun mate , i swear it never shot this good new ,wow totaly transformed it .brill mate
  4. make sure you learn about tides and the place were you kayak from, go out in a group at sea. theres nothing more daunting when your a couple miles off shore and the sea changes . you seem to paddle but get no were and in some times feels your going backwards, always check in with local coast gaurd and let them know were your fishing always have a vhf course and practice safety and being able to get back on the yak. never panic as this is the cause of accidents or your life join a club these will show you techniques and how to paddle correctly. learn about what your safety and clothing wear is. i saw a lad once with a drysuit on and he never de-compressed it . ended up in the sea with is head under water and is legs up in air. restrict clothing and wear wet suits only go out in summer and always wear a good flotation or life jacket i dont want to scare you but theres alot out there just buy a kayak and think its ok to go out to paddle with out learning. its a brill hobby and very addictive if you dont mind the film jaws follow these and youll be allright fella
  5. its as new bought for daughters birthday and for school work experiance only to be told theres no spaces left for photogaraphy and at the costly sum of £700 before xmas, from jessops reciept available . she now as the hunting bug after being with me on a few outings. its a fantastic bit of kit theres 2 lenses bag filter and so on, ill put picks up later on. she will be after a swap for a pcp gun and any potential swap will be you travel to me.or me to you depending on distance maybe a meet. theres no post due to bad experience lately & things not turning up . i think its probably got less than 100 pics taken only in house. ill ask what sort of gun she likes so for mean time pm me offers thanks pete . please dont offer gamos or rat catchers only quality pcps:D cash either way depending on what extras with gun and what gun. mfr , huntsman,so on a medium to light weight gun prefered advertised elsewere http://imageshack.us/a/img43/4466/p1070034x.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img401/9826/p1070038b.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img59/3586/p1070037p.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img716/2596/p1070036e.jpg http://imageshack.us/a/img694/7166/p1070035j.jpg
  6. dr bob does new rapid mags if you ever come unstuck www.drbobsgunbits.com
  7. do you take paypal, if so pm me,cheers
  8. WOW that would be expensive ,this guy in us does hand stitched tooled leather and snake skin for peanuts then item number 321052171758
  9. ok lads ive been looking on fleabay and would like something like this 200697248403 Item number: i like this desighn 360561900904 Item number: 300836028617 Item number: something thumbholed
  10. cheers mate looked on link some nice stuff on thereim after something nice for this. was waiting for more pictures of slings made with some prices added, thought there would be more on thread / post - but only 3 so far you gaffers and riohog are very nice work , im not to keen on brass fittings and would prefer stainless fittings im going to leave post for another few weeks to see if i can get some more added to it then pick one:)
  11. well thought there would be a few more on here,ive give it a few days both makers are great slings are much is the gaffers?
  12. quick go at making a knife ,heres out come ,1st one i made from a bit of old tool steel ,second one is a old divers blade ive converted. got 2 nice little hunting knifes now
  13. Who makes gun slings on here any pics and prices add to posting ,be intresting to see whats out there and i might even buy one
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