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  1. Thats all great info lads,much appriciated and will let the pup be a puppy fir the firat 6 months. The bitch is coming from a workin background so full of expectation. Will need to try and source the daVid lisset dvds.
  2. Thanks lads, surely there must be more guys out there with recomindations??
  3. Hi lads, getting a new springer pup in about 8 weeks . Need to get couple of books on training, I have trained my lab and hes perfect for what I use him for but taking the plunge with a spaniel.so need to know what books to read or what DVDs to watch anyone selling any pm me . Cheers stevie
  4. Brand new set of callipers for sale 8" these are from digital micrometer .co.uk and are the ip54 range, these have never been used or out the box, perfect for someone new to reloading . £15 posted
  5. Hi all, I will be getting my tikka in 223 in the next week and I am going to have to put new mounts on it as the ones on it are 1 " and I am puttin my 30mm tubed scope on it. Is there any that are really good because I have leupold on my 243. Not sure if a can get same ones as the bases are different??
  6. Yeh mate that's the reason I done it, would never of thought they would of added it on for free.
  7. I nwver keep my rifle with mod on it or in a slip.any moisture in there wont b good for the rifle. Just my opinion . Everone does things differnt obv!
  8. Yeh got my cert back pretty quick! And as said forgot to put a mod down for it! Spoke to my feo! Hetold me to write a small letter explaining that i had thought i had wrote it down , and send it in and he wull Have a changed for me! Result! Ahaha the guy is a decent bloke and really helpful. So sent it away today with my ticket . Hopefully be back for next week .
  9. Anything offshore! Just wanting out to gain a bit of experience! Want to get away totally from joinery! I know a couple of boys offshore but there not much help! So always tryin to get speakin to folk. I have a good idea it will be difficult at first but am sure it will be worth it . just need those couple of north sea trips.Just spoke to my feo , he said i have to send me ticket back in with a letter and it will be changed. So happy days.
  10. I always take my moderator off the rifle before i put it in the cabinet. Its never alterd my zero.
  11. I mgt just get another bushing for my t8 mod then and use that on the tikka aswell.
  12. I mgt just get another bushing for my t8 mod then and use that on the tikka aswell.
  13. Rake defo the gun is abosolute mint. , i shoot a browning xbolt in 243. Have no problems atal with it. I can have three rounds touchin at 100 yrds with it now that i am reloading. Hope the 223 is as accurate! Am a joiner just now but been to falck nutec and done my bosiet mist n medical but wantin away from joinery and do somthing else . Was thinkin of rigger. Do you work offahore?
  14. Aye rake i have mod for 243 . Wanted to get another mod for the 223 tho . Another 26 quid! Lol and I'm tryin to save up to do courses so I can get workin offshore on the rigs:-/. Just been to see a tikka t3 with optilock mounts Harris bipod . My mates givin me it for 250 . It's had 200 rnds through it
  15. Got my certificate back today! Now have 223 on it but dumb**s forgot to put down for a moderator on it!! Looks like its goin to be another£26 not amused!!
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