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  1. leighgladwin

    Stealth Gun Power

    2.2 stealth gun power for sale £250 powerful gun
  2. leighgladwin

    Ferrets Want

    Any ferrets for sale in South Wales Jill or hob working or ready to start
  3. leighgladwin

    Lurcher For Sale

    Sorry I looking for £100
  4. leighgladwin

    Lurcher For Sale

    Sorry lol
  5. leighgladwin

    Lurcher For Sale

    Because I forgot to put it's a dog on the advert and manners cost f××× all pal
  6. leighgladwin

    Lurcher For Sale

    Sorry it's a dog
  7. leighgladwin

    Lurcher For Sale

    2 year old beddlington whippet for sale working with ferrets phone for more details 07807032528 I am in neath south wales
  8. leighgladwin

    Bull X 19 Months Dog

    You still got him mate
  9. leighgladwin

    Working Ferret

    Hi I am looking for a working ferret jil or hob can swap nets (spun nylon) or cash can some please help thanks
  10. leighgladwin

    3/4 Bull Pups

    £150 a pup pic will be sent by email to any one is gen interested
  11. leighgladwin

    3/4 Bull Pups

    i have for sale 2 brindle bitches 3 black bitches1 brindle dog 2 black dogs, dam, is my 3/8 bull whippet 100% working sire, pure bull both 23 1/2 tts please no pm's calls or txt 07960169273
  12. leighgladwin


    My mate is till looking for a pure bull pup or maybe 3/4 bull 1/4 greyhound pup if anyone knows of a litter please pm me The bull can be Irish staff, apbt or working strain staff thanks
  13. leighgladwin

    Pure Bull Pup

    what breed of bull do you know for tried to pm you but cant
  14. leighgladwin

    Pure Bull Pup

    My mate is looking for a pure bull pup if anyone knows of any please pm me thanks
  15. leighgladwin

    Bull X Wanted

    My mate just lost his dog due to injury and is looking for a bull x so if anyone is looking for a good home please pm me thanks