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  1. try the links i put up but that was five years ago
  2. funny they normally seem much tougher when screaming at woman and children on horses
  3. did you get the longer aerial with it? i am in n wales and find it picks up my beagles in most situations that the small one doesn't i also bought an aftermarket fold down telescopic one on ebay
  4. great advice about taking off the collars whilst in transit expensive mistake you only make once although luckily you can buy aerials to replace chewed ones
  5. google it all the answers are out there i have a folder with loads of sites on it but they mean jack shit to me now but i managed without any help of anyone just took a bit of research here is a site with most of the uk on os maps don't pay for them. http://forum.mobilism.org/viewtopic.php?p=1007146#1007146
  6. i set mine up about 5 yrs ago so can't remember to much but have you put them in a folder called maps?
  7. read through the other hound post's somebody has the software in an email i think i remember reading, if you ask nicely maybe they can help you.
  8. i wonder if writing steward on a hi vis with marker pen means you can get in for free ?
  9. just covering what other lads think, why would you do what he said he has done in the field?, why would you be stupid enough to admit to it? even yrs later, and why is he not being prosecuted?
  10. very witty and amusing stuff keep it up whoever you are
  11. if he buys them in the states they should work ok its just that usa companies cannot export them anymore it is the frequency they use that is illegal in this country.
  12. try looking for the file huntingnightowl found it might work i will have a google around later and see what i can find.
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