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  1. Topic on mange in lurcher section give me some good tips cheers anyways
  2. Have been plagued with itch the last 3 years. Have tried all sorts ivermec, norocectin, tac tic wash. Moved all the wooden boxes out they all plastic now. Some of the dogs clearing but some of them I cant get it shifted. Seems to be clearing on some then it comes back again its a nightmare. Has anyone any ideas?
  3. New collar not loading onto tracker with other DC50 collars anyone any solutions or had same problem?
  4. I bought another DC50 collar to go with my other 3 but it wont load onto my astro 320 like the others has anyone any solutions or had the same problem?
  5. I bought another DC50 collar there to go with my other 3 but it wont load onto my Astro 320 like the others does anyone have a solution or have the same problem?
  6. Yes your maths is correct but im looking something in Ireland I can find out about. I shud have mentioned this i ad
  7. Sounds good lads but Iv made the mistake before of pairing pups with age gaps and usually 1 of them ends up getting bullyed need 1 in roun 6 weeks dont mind a week or 2 difference
  8. Have a terrier pup here 6 weeks old im looking another pup round the same age to rare up with it. Has to be working stock im in N.Ireland I can travel PM me..
  9. Was out of hounds there for a few years and im starting a pack up again they all young and im just short of a bit of experience if anyone knows of anything about. Even a hound that slowing down a bit as long as they searching iv good money sitting here for the right hounds. PM me
  10. I don't mind if I sell it or not to be honest it will do no harm
  11. Recently bought 4 DC50 Tracking Collars for the hounds I only need 3 so I have 1 spare if anyone interested it brand new in box never used. PM me!!
  12. Can anyone vouch for buying garmin astro 320 tracker and collars of this site and how much they pay including delivery and import tax?
  13. Can anyone vouch for buying trackers of universialmania?
  14. Can I trust ebay to buy garmin astro 320 and 2 collars £550 all in dos this sound right or to good to be true?
  15. terrier 140 how much was the income tax?
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