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  1. Thanks very much delboy. As I said I'm more comfortable using snares, rifle and terrier never used a fox cage before but needs must I suppose.
  2. Hi lads got a loan of a fox trap from a mate for as long as I need it running a large line of snares around my shoots at the moment but having a problem with 2 really lamp shy foxes on one of my shoot which I can't snare as well as I would like to due to public etc... What sort of advice do you have for setting up a fox trap, bait etc. Never used one before always just used snares, rifle or terrier for the foxes. Many thanks for any advice given.
  3. Thanks lads, sorry for the late reply I'm out lamping tonight. There is a public walk way through the middle of the ground and another one at the bottom of the ground along the river basically doubles back on its self. I've got snares along runs at the edge of fields where they can't be seen by the public but I've also got 6 acres of mixed wood and scrub that I was hoping to put a midden in as its hard to find runs in there and it's discreet enough away from prying eyes. Also the old story it's working when I'm not there.
  4. Hi There I'm looking for a bit of advice from you if you don't mind. I run a small shoot for me and a few mates, put down a few pheasants and partridge. The wood has a public walk way along the farm road ( the River Ayr walk ) I've got problems with some poachers just now using lurchers on the Foxes and Deer. As a result I've got a few lamp shy foxes going around I've got snares set on the usual places but wanted to erect a stink pit / midden in the wood. There is a badger set on the neighbouring farm but no signs of badgers on my ground never seen any in the lamp ether and no signs of them cr
  5. Looking to see if anyone has any details of anyone who makes and sells fox snares, I'm looking for around 50 snares to run over the winter. Thanks in advance.
  6. Got a mk4 and a mk6 missing the bit it goes into, and a mk6 missing the dog, any ideas how to get in contact with them to get replacement parts ?
  7. Hi lads, bought a few more mk4 fenn traps from the local farm supply shop for around my shoot for grey squirrels and the odd rat going to my feed hoppers, they are genuine fenn traps. Been catching every day but one of the traps has missing the brass bit attached to the plate for setting the trap ( don't know the name of it ) is there any way to go about getting a replacement part or is the trap for the bin now ? Many thanks.
  8. Hi mate I've got a mk3 locator with 2 collars for sale, only been used twice. Only selling it as I've got a job as a gamekeeper and I'm raising funds to move from Scotland to Sussex. I'm looking for £200 ONO I've got pay pal or bank transfer and can post.
  9. Hi lads, picked up my rifle yesterday it's a how's 1500 heavy barrel .22-250. It's got a 5/8 thread for a moderator I'm just wondering if any of you lads have got one for sale or could recommend and makes to go for. Thanks.
  10. Hi lads I've got a 6 year old patterdale bitch that's a really good worker I'm looking for another terrier now to take out with me, any terriers for sale in Ayrshire, money waiting.
  11. Hi lads im looking to find out where i buy these strings with bangers on them to keep the birds moving around ? Many thanks. Andrew.
  12. I set my snnares high with a big loop 10inches off the ground and a loop of between 8-10 inches catching foxes regularly that way.
  13. Amazing thing that to put on a hunting forum northernlite. Shows the sence your lot has. Only thing your lot hasnt got is cash and your amazing manager is now milking the club for a year being a gardener. WE DONT DO WALKING AWAY ??? looks like super ali is walking away !!!!!
  14. Hi lads do any of you have plans or dimensions for ferret boxes ? Im a joiner but just wondering what sizes you make your boxes
  15. Do any of you guys on here make good quality fox snares ? Need to buy some and not buying the ones out my local gun shop as there crap.
  16. Looking for some good quality purse nets. Ive been using the deben ones and there shit. Can anyone point me in the right direction for good quality nets from anywhere or anybody that makes them on here ?
  17. Hi there I'm in Scotland and know that up here the land doesn't need to be signed off. Im applying for my firearms and renewing my shotgun which is due in 2015 so its coterminous. Its saying i need 2 references I've spoke to the guy who was my reference for my shotgun licence he said the feo told him he cant be a reference for anyone anymore since he's a reference for 30+ people. Same situation for my dads mate who i do all my fox shooting with. Can i get my best mates dad as a reference and my doctor ?? Would that be accepted i was hoping to have it all sorted out for the crops coming off to
  18. Didn't want to try incase i wasn't fast enough to catch the bugger if it got out. Just used it for crows instead. Do you guys know where i would get larsen trap springs ? Need 8 for 2 traps
  19. Built a larsen trap today for magpie / crow. Its built with 2" weld mesh. Do you think a magpie would get out of 2" weld mesh or will it be okay. If it can get out i will use it for crows.
  20. Looking for a crow and magpie call bird in scotland. Im really struggling to catch this year. Was first to catch up this way last year and supplied most of the estates, normally the other way about lol
  21. Alway thought pest control meant killing animals and as its for shooting estates then a good fox is a dead fox can never get a decent answer on here.
  22. I shoot these areas with the rifle too. Normally kill 100+ each estate. Shot 36 last year from the 2 estates. I know theres another 2 or 3 about but not seeing many at all.
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