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  1. Brickhill

    WORST .22lr "Field" Subs Ammo

    Remington generally crap, but I shot a load of vermin with their low power cbee round.
  2. Brickhill

    HMR Ammunition inconsistencies?

    Sorry to hear to you having such frustrating issues RFB. I've had my Annie .17hmr for near on 7 years now. Bitch of a round / gun to start with. Cleaned it, scrubbed the barrel, shot it with and without a silencer. Used all types of ammo blah blah. Then after 300 rounds or so it settled down in to something very good indeed ! I bought a brick of 500 hornady and have never had a split case. I check them in and out. Don't ask me why but it's no good swapping and changing ammo with the .17hmr just my opinion. I don't clean mine very often, maybe every 250 rounds or so and then only with a brush. Then i put 10 through it and it's spot on again. There have been times when i'd have skipped this calibre but not now because it works for me.
  3. Makes my .204 ruger look like a pea shooter!
  4. Brickhill

    The old way!

    All very logical UD thanks for your reply. I haven't tried WMR but like HMR a lot!
  5. Brickhill

    The old way!

    Plump fat Squizzers there UD. I know you're a fan of the .22WMR but what makes it better than the .17HMR ?
  6. Brickhill

    Number 40

    You've got this one right Deker !
  7. Brickhill

    Happy chap. 204 Ruger

    These 'splash' issues? What are they all about? There doesn't seem to be a concensus on here they exist. Or have I got that one wrong? For my money .204 ruger using factory ammo has to be the pinnacle vermin round in GB.
  8. Brickhill

    Tikka T1x

    Get your shit together. Posh guns , we need decent pics reviews and upright pics.
  9. Brickhill

    Tikka T1x

    Looks so much like my Sako . My neck is craned to f**k.
  10. Brickhill

    Happy chap. 204 Ruger

    I’ve tried the the Hornady superformance 40g and they are great up 100 yards but unquestionably the best factory round is is 32g superformance. Ive also put a box of Remington 32g through the gun. Paid £27.50 for 20 They weren’t as good as the Hornady 32g at £20.70 a box so the Remingtons got knocked out. I might get round to reloading at some point now I have some time on my hands. The 39g blitzcreig bullet seems popular with .204 shooters but I’m seriously impressed with the factory stuff which does near on 4000 ft ps at the muzzle. Flat shooting and deadly. Get one you’d love it.
  11. I haven't had the Tikka out for a while. Now the fields have been cut i'll be out and about after Mr Fox. Zeroing session today. Two loseners, then down on it. Picked a solid backstop which measured 167 yards. I got 8 within a golfball with factory ammo. That will do. Any other .204 ruger boys on here? I love this round !!
  12. Brickhill

    .17 Wsm Update

    Can anyone really see the WSM coming to the UK? The .17 hornet seems like a better option or go the full hog and go .204 Ruger .
  13. Brickhill

    Out with Hushpower

    Nice going RFB !
  14. Brickhill

    Anshultz 1417 outing

    Good chucks ‘em out a country mile. I’ve had it near on six years and it’s never missed a beat. The only thing I would say is that the bolt is noisier to work than my Sako .22 LR.
  15. Brickhill

    Anshultz 1417 outing

    Here's my bunny basher in the same flavour. Great gun !