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  1. Hi im not that experienced in this game I have a saluki whippet grey bitch who takes rabbits with ease aso have a bull grey x collie grey saluki whip dog pup who is 14 months old he behaves well recall good and retrieves but he hasnt caught a rabbit over runs them etc am I being impatient or to anyone who has experience when will he get better and start catching and will he stop over running rabbits also will he get faster? Or how can.I.iprove hes speed? Hes 27 at the shoulder thanks would be grateful.for replys
  2. Got into this hunting thing it's been great this year lucky to get a brilliant little dog just looking for people in herts uk who share same interest?
  3. Why can't I upload pics it's really getting on my nerves! The button is just shaded and doesn't work when you press it I'm sending from an iPhone? Can anyone help me please!
  4. Went out other night first time with another Lurcher and my dog seemed to run a hell of a lot faster then she usually does why is this
  5. Are Bedlington whippets good lamping dogs and are they able to take all quarry
  6. I don't get what u mean mean mate? Can you explain please?
  7. Cant seem to get the attatch files button to work I'm using a phone does that make a difference The choose file button doesn't click?
  8. Heard stuff about dogs being hard mouthed and Im training a pup and wanna get all this right from the start anyone have any advice or dos and donts for a beginner?
  9. Got a saluki whippet greyhound Lurcher 2 yrs old she's a lovely bitch pretty well behaved but when she grabs a rabbit she won't hand it over and grips it I understand it's not ideal but i aquired her only this year and shes been a good litte dog for me to begin with but these rabbits are saved just for ferrets and dogs so bruising not a problem any idea how to stop her or should I just get used To it?
  10. Just wondering does anyone have any advice on the stay command for a young pup mastered the sit, down, recalls coming on and So is retrieving he's 4 months now but the stay command he can't seem to grasp anyone got any ideas would be a great help.
  11. Fair play mate glad u enjoyed it this my first season aswell and I started getting one or 2 at a time but today got 8 out just takes time and practice and what a hobby eh?
  12. Been ferreting today and had 6 large rabbits but also 2 tiny rabbits were bolted into the dogs mouth! Just wondered when is the average time the season stops?
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