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  1. We don't have any places for just pest control. Sorry I can't be of more help.
  2. There are 3 guns available in our small DIY syndicate on the Bordley Estate which is about 8 miles from Skipton. The ground extends to just over 2500 acres and has a wide variation of woodland, moorland and rough ground. There is a fair amount of walking involved and you need to be reasonably fit. A dog is a must and although a 4 x4 is desirable it is not essential as there are farm roads to gain access to the meeting points. We are putting down 700 pheasants this year after a record season last year (48.5 % return). There are 3 or 4 walked up shoot days from August (grouse day) into early Oct
  3. Due to one of our members messing us about and not paying his subs there is 1 space available in the shoot (again!!) Please PM me if you would be interested in taking the gun or would like more details etc. Most of the hard work has been done and the birds are coming on well and should provide great sport over the season. We had a our first walked up rough shoot the other day and although the weather was not great we had an enjoyable day with a mixed bag of rabbit, hare, fox, snipe and partridge.
  4. This scope is more than enough for a .22lr, many people use them on much larger centre fires without any problems.
  5. Just out of interest how long had you had your FAC? I'm only asking as my shot gun cert is due for renewal next year and I thinking of making it a co terminus licence and asking for my FAC to be made open at the same time as I will have had it 4 years by then.
  6. There is 1 gun available in our small beat 1 stand 1 syndicate. There are over 2500 acres of land to shoot on and over the season we will have a mixture of walked up and driven shooting over a total of 17 Saturdays. We release 450 to 500 poults and there are good numbers of wild game plus pests / vermin too which include Grouse, Snipe, Partridge, Woodcock, Duck, Rabbit, Hare, Fox, Roe Deer, Pigeon and Crow. There is a real mixture of land that we shoot over from woods to grazed fields with moorland in between. This is a DIY shoot so some work and feeding will be required over the year (approx.
  7. I was in the gun shop today and I was shown an ex demo (used once at a fair) Yildiz .410 O/U non ejector model. I am thinking of getting it for my son for Christmas. On first impressions the gun looks well made but basic and functional. The gun fits my son well and should last him a few years until he can step up to a 20 bore. I have no experience with the make but have known of their existence for some time. It looks to be a great starter gun but there are not many about on the 2nd hand market. Is that because not many are sold or is it that owners love them and can't bring them selves to par
  8. Just a quick follow up to this little problem. i have just been giving the rifle a quick clean with a dry patch and removing the mod, no brush and solvent. Rifle has held its zero fine and I have had no misses. i have been eliminating all the possible causes 1 by 1 and now the only thing i hve not done it give the rifle a full clean. i have attached a pic of a group of 3 shots at 150yds on air rifle target. The first shot was a little high as i had just run 300 yds to re position the target (not best practice i know but the mist was coming down fast and i didn't want to miss the window of oper
  9. If the guy has managed to shoot that many then there must be a fair number of foxes about as it would be near impossible to get every one in that space of time. Foxes are pests not game and far too many people are treating it a sport first and pest control second. Fox numbers have been controlled for 100's of years and still there are too many in places. As foxes are not used for food then you dont need to be sensible about how many you "harvest"
  10. For the few extra £'s that it costs why not just get a rifle cabinet with a built in ammo safe, much less faffing about this way and you will know for sure that it meets the latest british standards
  11. I use this site and it hs been prety good so far. Dont be put off that it is nowegian site as it covers the whole of the UK. http://www.yr.no/ Just type in the name of the place you want and it will show, temp, cloud cover wind spped and direction plus the predicted ammount of rain fall in mm's
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