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  1. Hi all Just a quick question, relatively new to beachcasting. I hear plenty about cod in winter and bass in summer but what's about at this time of year?? I'm in east anglia so not particularly lucky with my location but is it worthwhile at this time of year? And if so what should I be targeting? Or should I just wait for the bass? Cheers, Ellis
  2. Always worth keeping an eye on the grass at this time of year, they love a bit of clover
  3. Anyone else having loads this year? I normally have one or two over the course of spring/summer but this year they're none stop there's at least 3 of my Jill's doing the usual as I write this and I reckon every on of my Jill's has had one this year! I haven't put any to kits this year so they're all running with my vasectomised hob whereas normally at this time of year they aren't all together. Is that why I'm having so many or is it just a "bad year" for them (if there is such a thing). The only other thing that sprung to mind was if the hobs not doing his job properly but he's definitely covered a few. It not causing any real problems beyond them making a racket and being a bit nippy Anyone had this or have any thoughts on it? Just never had so many at the same time before Atb ratsmasher
  4. to be honest though mate the only sure fire way to get a big bag of crows is to get out and at them as much as possible cos you'll learn a whole lot more sat out in field trying then off the internet Enjoy your shooting
  5. 19 days until the rivers open up again Whats everyones plans for the season then? Im going to join a small local group that nobody seems to have heard of and try my hand at chub fishing - never done it before but I like stalking carp around the lake margins so i reckon it could be my sort of fishing Anyone got any pbs to break?
  6. dont bother with crow decoys - black socks over pigeon decoys - works a treat and the fabric doesnt shine in the sun when wet crow decoys are properly expensive and i dont know why - surely they must be cheaper to make than pigeons cos theyre only black so dont need painting
  7. How do you get the decoys to stay in the tree? good idea Keith You can buy special hooks to hang them from but I just bodged it out of a strand from some barbed wire. Also can I just clear up on the law regarding highways.the law says that It is an offence to cause death disturbance or injury while shooting within 50 feet of the centre of a public highway. Basically it's perfectly legal to shoot right next to a road but just be aware and use a bit of common sense.
  8. Decoying to an air rifle can work but never safe festively as with a shottie. What can work really well with and air rifle is a couple or three lifters in a tree that they flight into regularly. Bit more of a pain to set up than normal decoding but much more effective with an air rifle
  9. quickest way of doing it is just to take off both wings pull the crop out and then push your fingers therough the hole where the crop was into the cavity. Then pull the breast bone away from the back of the bird and it will then sort of turn inside out and you will have a breastbone and meat in one hand and the rest of the bird in the other. Its a bit massy but theres less wastage and you dont need a knife. Also its really quick if youve got a few to do.
  10. at this time of the year with an airrifle id try and find some trees that they flight into as OSR shooting tends to be slow with a shottie at the best of times and a lot of pigeons that come in wont actually land which isnt a problem with a shotgun but obviously it isnt helpful with an air rifle especially if the area you shoot is decoyed regular so you will probably have more sport either in a roosting wood or if there are any trees bordering the field
  11. whatever your comfortable with mate im pretty sure its psycological i think you need to be a bloody good shot before cartridge choice starts to make a difference (within reason obviously) that said i swear by rio 30g 6 shot
  12. just try to enjoy it when I first started shooting I was all hung up on working out my cartridge to kill ratio and all that guff. don't worry when you miss stuff because pigeons are properly hard to shoot consistently, and its easy to get yourself frustrated with missing things which will just make your shooting worse.
  13. Morning all Anyone know how much I'm looking at for a new escort bolt - It fell apart last night while I was out wildfowling about 10 minutes before 60 odd geese flew over :'(. I think i need a new bolt, locking block, firing pin spring and firing pin stop. Am I looking at a big bill for those parts? Atb Ratsmasher
  14. There isn't a legal age limit for sgc and fac is 14 there are obviously age restrictions with regard to buying ammunition and firearms. I'm 17 got my FAC for .17 hmr and .22 when I was 16 and my sgc when I was 14. Age doesn't come into it particularly (within reason) it's more to do with how responsible you are, past experience and also if you have a need for what you're applying for. I've always been mad keen for shooting and didn't have any trouble with either. Hope this is of some help
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