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  1. aye hepple white field, where are you from like and wheres that shoot?

  2. yeah if i took him out for a day i wouldnt let him chase bolting rabbits and that just like marking holes hows your dogs training coming on mate? what commands you got him taught?
  3. crackin dog you got mate il be using him on the beating line so flushing and picking etc also picking rabbits shot with my 22. , what do you reckon about taking him ferreting? some people say getting them used to game early ruins them? but think hed be okay ferreting?
  4. i have the same problem with my ess (only with the walking to heel part) he will walk to heel fine when hes on the lead but when i let him of he just runs around like an idiot :L he recalls fine though but i was just wondering will letting him run around like that affect him walking to heel?
  5. haha ana how you feel mines like my best mate aswell :L do you reckon itl be alright for them to go ferreting at that age? cause some say its bad getting them used to game at a young age? :/
  6. nice pup also mate looks really canny. hes about the same age as mine, what was he like ferreting? hows his training coming on?
  7. i applied for bishop burton mate cause im leaving school this year inal, got an interview next friday
  8. cheers for the advice lads, aye he wasnt ragging them or out he was just having abit sniff but erm can anyone tell me how shrink pic works?
  9. aye i didnt think it was a bad sign like he was just unsure of what they were, do you know how to upload pics the right size?
  10. came home from beating today and had a brace of hens, when i came though the door my 19 week old springer wasnt to keen he would come sniff then run under the table :L after a while he would stay and sniff them, is this a bad sign? or just cause hes a pup?
  11. im going to collage next september i have my pup who is 18 weeks old do i take him with me to collage and keep him in the kennels at collage or leave him at home with my family as i will be home at the weekends?
  12. whats the countryside management like mate? i applied to bishop burton last night like for the level 3 diploma in game and wildlife management
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