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  1. Have you got a picture of bitch Fred
  2. Agree with you all the way on that pal, should have said first come first served. But he never, a guy contacted him to say he would have the rifle and david123 agreed a deal with him and offered to drop the rifle off.........deal done........ then sold it to somebody else, spell wrong however you like, but its still wrong agree with you mate seller was in the wrong to go back on a deal
  3. David123 obviously need cash quick selling them cheap. If I was selling them I would of sold them on a first come first served basis and if I wanted to buy them I would not be waiting for someone to deliver them I would be going to collect them
  4. http://www.freeads.co.uk/uk/buy-sell/leisure-hobbies/hunting-sporting-equipment/air-guns/32843561/bsa-ultra-se-10-shot-multi-shot-complete-kit/view
  5. He sold both guns to the same lad as they are up for sale again on free ads
  6. Cheers hot meat Iv just found the number I'll be giving them a call to see what there prices are like
  7. Totally agree with hot meat iv been going to DAF for the last 3 years and prices are always on the up. I was there the other week price hadn't went up but the boxes had reduced in size !!! Only 15lb in a box now not 20lb. Is there anywhere cheaper in the north east?
  8. Put some pics up of pup when you get it Samuri
  9. I striped a tx I had and sent it to him a few years back I THINK it was £ bluing was perfect better than new
  10. North shore boarboels Hope that helps samuri
  11. Just asked my mate for you will pm when he replies Samuri
  12. My mates dad is darswed teckles I have his number I could ask if he would and how much? Samuri
  13. Iv had bottles filled and tested at cormeton good service Samuri
  14. Try daystate owners club that's where I bought my carbine shroud. Could you not get your shroud shortened? Have I got this wrong and you want an air ranger in .177 with a carbine shroud? Samuri
  15. Once you have reached 200 bar when filling and you remove the probe does it leak? If its a standard cylinder you could take it off and put it in water to see where it's leaking from
  16. Hi marksman I have a reg tester drop me pm if you still need 1 Samuri
  17. you need an a&m cylinder half the weight of steel one and more than double the amount of shots
  18. Why not? Because I have not had it long iv had a full length hw before and found it to heavy I now have a carbine it deserves a chance Iv also tried to do a deal for this gun before so Wayney should remember me
  19. now sold thanks for the interest
  20. sorry mate collection only
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