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  1. Merry Christmas hope everyone has a good one with both families and terriers
  2. As I said he ain't aggressive with all dogs as my lurcher he is spot on with eats out same bowl share treats sleeps together the lot. Kids spot on he I'd basically a mint dog in every single way just with other dogs
  3. The dogs where socialized. Hence why it is great with my lurcher but any other dog he won't have it. And as for shows I don't take my dogs and I ain't a show pony guy if aimed at me. He sees plenty of dogs. There are dogs either side of my house. I have a dog in the kennels it sees everytime it goes out. My sisters dog and my mates terriers and lurcher every week. Think I'm trying the muzzle way then I'll see if he is good worker and decide if he's worth It.
  4. I ain't fussed if he turns out be a bloody good dog lol
  5. He's been like this since a pup. Think I'm trying the muzzle n hope been old enough work will calm him
  6. Yh it's weird as its every other dog as I said my lurcher he's fine with just another dog even my other kennel dog he would have if give him the chance n she's a bitch. I'm gonna try the nice dog with muzzle approach see what he does. He ain't the barking pulling yapping try get off the lead to them but you can tell give him chance n he won't think twice about grabbing and wanting try kill it. Any dog any size just hope can calm him
  7. He has had a couple of rats didn't faze him getting bit or anything nothing seems to bother him yet. Think it's just gonna have wait see how he works n make my mind up if he's worth it or not.
  8. Anyone got any good tips to help dog aggression. My patt I'd fine with my lurcher but any other dog lurcher,terrier it just won't take to. But not barking n snapping it really does it with intent and has locked up with one of my other terriers when it was 4n half month old. It's 6 month now and it's been the same since a pup but it's great with kids, food, in the house, and my lurcher just other dogs. I was going muzzle it when going out with others until it's his turn. Anyone else had the same or got any solutions I've tried loads. Any help appreciated. It's not a problem as I av learnt what
  9. Got about 12-13 sheets of kingspan need to hey rid of as. Looking for about 25-30 a sheet. Staffordshire/shrewsbury area
  10. PhilProp


    I was just asking out of curiosity as I've seen some cars that look like they shouldn't be on the road and wondered how these people with no cats get thru emmisions
  11. PhilProp


    Do the back hand mots still exist
  12. Cheers for pm but to far for me or I'd of had that. Thanks
  13. I have one window and kit left over. Need gone asap. Looking for 180
  14. They are full 8x4 sheets and I'll double check but they are definitely exterior grade ply I can't actually remember if was marine I brought it was a while ago I'm sure they are exterior grade hardwood ply
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