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  1. i know mate just wanted something differnt
  2. cheers luke if u going make sure your early there for about 8:30am gives people chanse to have a good look at them
  3. take them to penistone market its every saturday morning your in yorkshire its worth a try mate atb
  4. hi all i have a whippet greyhound for sale 8 month old not done much work hes had one rabbit the other day and retreved back to my hands right away he stands about 23tts ginger brindle with white chest im in yorkshire (barnsley) im asking 100 pound for him and the reason for sale is im wanting something bigger like a bullx. pm me for more info or call me on 07542680788 my mate will put a pic up later as i dont no how to thanks luke edited to say hes been on the lamp a few times.
  5. my dads mates lost his female snowy owl in south emsal (yorkshire) pm me with any info please thanks luke
  6. Not exactley certain but a law was brung in on dec 03 giving fathers more rights to this problem of being held to ransom by the mother,its better if your married but not as much has your name on the b/cert.My opinion is to seek advice from a sol who specialise in family law + have a good rspectable name.I am a mother myself but i have fought for my rights to see our grandson that we have had contact with since e was born every week and sometimes in the week too.You must ask for contact even though shel say no and keep records of everything,dont let her try to involve you in arguements of any k
  7. ive got a new jacket nice and warm for them cold nights
  8. Hiya Daz its Luke am still asking about and looking for her,let us know if you get her back or if you hear owt off anyone thanks luke.
  9. not been funny but that stock is horrible mate
  10. might be because u were taking for ever
  11. hes had a good start to life ive had him since he was 8 week old had his first rabbit yesterday doin well its just that i was talking to someone the other day and hes said i needed to take him to the vets asap before they go bad and infected anyway thanks for your advise cheers luke atb
  12. my lurchers middles have not droped yet and hes 7 month old i no this is not good but what can do any advise wuold be nice thanks luke
  13. i know this dog shes a very good dog if i had space she would be with me
  14. thanks for the comments looks a stamp of a dog mate atb luke
  15. it dont matter what anybody else thinks its what you think atb luke
  16. can u put a pik up please i no a cuple of people with collie bull greys in that area
  17. my dads mate had two whippets and the both did fox pre ban tho
  18. hes still hear hes doin everything else but charlie
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