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  1. Had a few cars re mapped now. A disco td5 which was fine and went like stink. Howver the golf i own is on the 3rd turbo since the re map.
  2. Where abouts in the north east and would you take £100 if i could come this weekend
  3. Either 300tdi or td5 drivers side front wing needed south yorkshire area
  4. Need a defender wing either a 300tdi or td5 drivers side south yorkshire area
  5. Egr blank just makes your engine run cleaner as it doesnt put exhaust gases back through your engine but it doesnt make a noticable difference to power your better off tweaking the pump and turbo, easy job can be found on internet forums but be careful with the bolt on the back of the pump as it will make it smoke bad if you tweak it too much or snap like mine did
  6. I wouldnt bother id recommend going to gary at alive tuning in grimsby everytime for a re map. It may sound dear but its definatly worth it. I had one done last year at the landrover show and it went like a rocket.
  7. On ebay item no 181101372808 Good reliable quad £1100 genuine people only
  8. ebay Item number:181028254198 pictures are on there thanks
  9. Can send pictures by email in the meantime
  10. Sorry mate been working away a lot havent had time to get 1 up will make sure i do it tomorow
  11. Will add pictures tomorow as i have advertised using my phone
  12. Tax till july and mot till january 161000 Some service history good jeep remapped by alive tuning some other modifications Located in barnsley pm for more details £2000
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