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  1. alright folks just wondering what supplements people would recommend for a bit of arthritis in a lurcher
  2. Yea we know couple travler boys and they've done the rounds to find him they aren't all bad, me and the kid have been round everyone's who knows where he lives today but no sign got a feeling the dog was stolen to order, it's all over Facebook and on pets for sale sites as well as dog lost so hopefully put the heat up a bit
  3. No I work nights and kid got home from work and went too check on them and found this one missing but not the pups or terrier they must have known what they were after the low life scum we've been around everyone we know today spreading the word out the guys gutted, yea that's an old photo had to get it from Facebook in work dogs 3 year old and it's coat is full blown rough coated unlike the photo where he's been striped
  4. Deerhound bull grey stolen from Danescourt area of Cardiff tuesday 25/wednesday 26th june can everyone keep an eye out and give us a shout with any leads kid just wants the dog returned safe!!!
  5. hi guys just had a phone call of my mate he's returned home to find his deerhound bull grey has been stolen from his garden in the danescourt area of Cardiff the b*****ds cut through the fence at the back of his property and stole the dog he's brindle rough coated and stands 26tts highly recognizable dog kid just wants the dog return no questions asked pm me with any information greatly appreciated!
  6. if your in south wales take a look at Mrwelshegg mate i know they've got them down there but not sure what the price is though
  7. Ah well didn't cost me sod all an he's alright round the yard
  8. Picked this fella up earlier 9month old what do you think meant to be pure asil.
  9. where abouts are you mate, live in Cardiff got a couple off hobs im looking to add some new blood into the ones ive got.
  10. try and widen till you find an edge or just keep chipping away
  11. I know the D3 does but wasn't sure the x1 did
  12. Hey was wondering if the ortovox x1 avalanche transceiver works with the bellman and flint collar and whether or not the combinations any good?
  13. nice pair off dogs how'd you find them as an all rounder?
  14. whats people thoughts on this cross and does anyone have any photos?
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