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  1. bedy whippet gh .........................sorry couldnt resist
  2. bring them in doors cant rally see any other way round it im afraid,good luck though as theres nothing worse
  3. Exactly right answer, take the dog ferreting and let it grab bunnys in the nets, the dog then thinks it has caught the rabbit and builds confidence no end, then easy squaters on the lamp and GO BY YOURSELF, just you and the one dog Have a collie x here myself which used to yap now and again when I entered her, its not the end of the dog, just adjust yer methods 20p cartridges and electric collars ffs if you have red my post right mate i said it wouldnt work on collie x they are too brainy its working on mine if you wernt running a poachers pocket you might not have neede
  4. simple answer,try to go with the advice given on easy stuff,if that fails either put up with it as it might not matter to much to you,or pet home and start again.only this time dont rush...............hows that
  5. mine get stretched out good and proper up the fields im sure a lot of us would have that kind of set up funds allowing
  6. yep thats it mate thort ide post it again proper job them mate
  7. http://www.thehuntinglife.com/forums/topic/218466-my-kenels/page__view__findpost__p__2242779
  8. who left the dogs to die in his motor just got a 3 year ban from keeping dogs,worthy sentence or not??
  9. as above will also add from what i seen they like fecking excorcet missiles so recall needs to be bang on,saw one running years ago that had not been out for a while,lets just say it was letting off a bit of steam after its first miss,was to be its last ever run, them wire fences dont take no prisoners
  10. sure he will come good in time mate,lot to be said for having two dogs at times specialy this time of year
  11. short range shots with a 12guage in wooded areas can be a problem using a .410 is a way round it,only thing i will say is you have to be bloody quick off the mark
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