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  1. James Doyle

    Irish Working Jrt's

    Spot on lad too many lads breeding from shit....
  2. James Doyle

    Irish Working Jrt's

    a lad was saying to me wheather its tru or not...only russells to work in ireland are got in cork....a dying breed where i live anyway
  3. James Doyle

    15Ft Mk1 With 15Ft Terrier Collar (Sold Pending)

    right fair enough
  4. James Doyle

    Irish Lads

    he probaly have the fence barbed wired and the mains conected to the the door bell lol
  5. James Doyle

    Irish Lads

    they could be watching ur place for days ie see when you are leaving and coming back....they are the scum of the earth but the will be one step ahead of the homeower fact..!!
  6. James Doyle

    Irish Lads

    y do they favour taking dogs from people that live in cities or towns....
  7. James Doyle


    tbar is that the name of a nightclub or something
  8. James Doyle

    Dirty Little B****ds!!!

    this gets better and better
  9. James Doyle

    Handy Dig

    nice to get a handy one lad best of luck with hin now
  10. James Doyle

    Tom Parr Lines

    ill put the pict of the two pups up 2maz
  11. James Doyle

    Tom Parr Lines

    tom used a lot of a.c. pups and that came from the man himself.....he used 1-2 gould dogs but a c was the base in his line
  12. James Doyle

    Tom Parr Lines

    i dont no that but he had whaeatons
  13. James Doyle

    Tom Parr Lines

    i no where the came from alrite ur man that i got the pup off has tp stuff for ages its all his gear weather it goes back to ac or gould ill never no
  14. James Doyle

    Tom Parr Lines

    Whos stuff do u call it then lol