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  1. not sure mate need money any way coz am looking to buy a bullx may do a deal on a bull x
  2. hi all iv got a cluson larzer lite for sale still in box only been used a few times 40 pound pm me for more info thanks luke
  3. is that the flying weight or fat weight? atb bullet flying weight mate had her flying free yesterday
  4. this was my gun i solt it spike it is a very good little gun atb luke
  5. flying a female harris this year weighing in at 2.2lb with nice big feet
  6. hi all i have a kyosho nitro/petrol monster truck good conditoin bought it off ebay when i went to pick it up i saw it working but when i got it home i could never get i started its too complecated for me to work. You would after be experienced with remote control cars which im not im in barnsley collection only im open to offers my contact number is 07542680788 thanks luke
  7. come this is cheap for wat it is
  8. very nice looking dog mate
  9. i av a petrol remote control monstertruck made to do jumps and go high speeds can go up to 60 mph reson for sale is i bought it off ebay and when i went to pick it up off the guy who was selling it he showed us it working and then when i got it home i cudent get it started so its just been sat around doin nothing if you are intrested please call me on 07542680788 and im in barnsley south yorkshire thanks luke
  10. seen this dog in flesh what a beast atb pip
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