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  1. sorry to hear about stella mate
  2. im in need of a fox snare to get rid of a fox on my allotment that is killing all my hens anything will be appprieciated thanks luke
  3. my mates just got a pup with golly in him he bought it off a gypsy from york 20 pound mother was a halfx and farther was a 1/4 x
  4. ill give 200 pound mate cheers but no he says £400 no less his it harris who selling this mick
  5. what you want for 100 its platts. you pay 500 if it saluki in it i dont get wat u maen mate
  6. everyone who as seen this dog says its gunna be big and its got a right head on him
  7. here are a few pics of the pup if you wish to see his father working watch the dvd heart of ratting his name is raven.
  8. luke2009


    just bought a marshall scout insted thanks for your replys atb with the season
  9. just if u were closer mate i would av them
  10. david platts mate gregg mother is his working greyhound and farther is david platts first cross (raven)
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