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    Hunting with deerhounds ,lurchers and gun dogs.Big interest in working bred deerhounds and working them on all game.

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  1. I am living in the midlands of ireland where i hunted rabbits and vermin all my life and some thing has totally wiped out the rabbit population and fox numbers have decreased so badly it is near impossible to get a hunt. I believe from lack of food i.e rabbits fox numbers have decreased due to fox litters decreasing in size.Some people say it is the wet years we had which is rubbish it has always rained heavy here and myxi always hit the rabbit population here but could never do much damage. If anything less hunting is happening in my area over the past few years and example how alot of huntin
  2. has not set their status

  3. Nice fella, knows his stuff bout dogs.

  4. Hi i am only on the site a few months also, so welcome and you have your terriers in great condition. Im mad into dogs and will post up some pictures of my dogs when i get a chance. Hope you enjoy the site .
  5. I have a working strain of deerhound he is 18 months old , has killed a few foxes with other dogs the only thing i can knock about them is their pace. maybe he will get faster when he learns to course properly but big game is not slow and you need a special dog that has the size, power ,determination, speed and techinique to pull down a stag single handed. Only seen a few and they are rare. So ill have to see how he gets on. A deerhound bitch could be a better option.
  6. This is first and best lurcher so far. Will stay in my yard until he dies. Bought him as a pup in 1998. He looks very withered now but a few years ago it was a different story.
  7. whats the story with that dog jigsaw is he full deerhound? if thats shanes line of dogs lads wont go wrong with it as theres an animal of a deerhound up in westmeath and hes supposed to be bred off his stuff... by all accounts a f*****g nutter... his stock is some of the finest about and the deerhound club of ireland hold him in high regard... DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ALAN CHARLES DEERHOUNDS IN WEST MEATH. THE HOUND HOTEL. ARE THEY GOOD WORKING BREED
  8. he sold alot of dogs around sligo hunted with some fellas who bought them never liked his dogs to hard to catch john just new to this web site but iv seen and hunted with one of philip kings dogs. he was the best alrounder iv ever seen and i am still trying to breed something to match him. a neighbour of mine owned him and he used him for rabbits and would take foxes with ease also very good on hares. best nights lamping was five foxes single handed and iv never seen a dog to match him yet. he is dead now but every dog we bred since has been matched to him since. he was useless until he
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