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  1. Collie Greyhound X Bull Lurcher pup coming on really well...4 1/2 months now.
  2. I'm enjoying the post but I just thought I would raise my glass to all the real dog men of the valleys who tought me the game in the early 80s. One of them was Fanato a 1 handed rogue who new every trick with lurchers and Greyhounds. I miss those old boys. The youngsters don't look at us like we did with them .
  3. If the bitch needs "improving upon" should we be breeding from it? just a thought. Surely trench.... That will Keats be the way until someone breeds the perfect lurcher...... Every generation should in theory be an improvement on the last ..... I agree, the whole thrust of breeding working lurchers should be to improve the "breed". But I have lost count of the number of times I have seen average dogs bred off, just to give them that "something" they are missing. When in truth, the owner should be more honest and source his next pup from elsewhere. It reminds me of the joke where a blo
  4. If the bitch needs "improving upon" should we be breeding from it? just a thought. I think so mate...isn't trying to improve a part of breeding ?
  5. There are good and bad points in any breed of Lurcher and some of the best I've seen have been pedigree unknown. if you want to breed yourself a pup you look at the bitch and work out how to improve on her...in my case it was adding a little bull blood by means of a very handy dog of a mate on THL. the pups all turned out as expected ,intelligent ,obedient, good stamina and temperament but with more drive and commitment than the 1st cross. We can't categorise every collie/ grey or bull cross ...we can only speak on experience of what we have owned or seen for ourselves. My opinion on a
  6. Yes mate all gone thanks ..kept a bitch pup back.
  7. In my experience a 1st cross can sometimes be more intelligent than the owner mate. I have seen them pick their runs and run out of sight for an easier way into a field. The best I ever had was a 3/4 and I never thought I would introduce bull but it works mate.
  8. I am a Collie Greyhound lover but I believe that introducing the right amount of bull into the breed cancels out some of the 1st cross traits.
  9. Whelping Box not neaded anymore . Made with brand new materials. Cleaned and disinfected . Free of charge if anyone wants it get in touch.
  10. I can honestly say that in my opinion A lurcher is what you make of it ,In the early 80s I more or less lived on the mountain ,I worked the dogs 7 days a week, digging on the weekend and lamping all over the country 2 or 3 times a week often going straight to work after a night in Oxford. The dogs I had in those days were pretty special because of good breeding and the amount of work they saw, I know times have changed and rabbits are definitely dwindling in a lot of areas but I just cant see how we can compare dogs from then and now ...maybe I`m a bit slow
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