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  1. Hi everyone My name is Paul I’m from Pembrokeshire I’m looking for a deerhound x greyhound pup Or a deerhound pup if anyone knows of a litter or have a litter yourself please get in touch.
  2. sorry mate still cant see its a small speck on the screen.
  3. Hi mate thanks for the pic but its two small i can't see.
  4. hi mate she's 24 1/2 inches very racey and very well muscled she also has a scar on the in side of her right leg.
  5. hi mate she's a blue merl collie greyhound left ear has a split in it havent got any photos of her big mistake on my part ive got a few boys looking myself but more the merryer. thanks
  6. i had a bitch stolen out of my kennels so haven't got time for a pup it a bizzy time for me i run a pest control bissness so you never no someone mite be packing in i would concider a young bitch ready to start.
  7. Hi all iam looking for a working lurcher bitch to join my pest control team must be 100% on lamp (ie rabbits) must retreiving to hand and stock broaken nothing older than 2 years.
  8. Hi i had the same thing with my kellpi x greyhound he would chase everything but he never bring it back until i started him on rabbits at 12 months old the first one he caught he was strate back with it your dog is only young dont worrie about it he'll come try a dummy with a rabbit skin on it good luck.
  9. it shouldnt make any different so long as you only take one dog out at a time.
  10. Hi ive had a few collie x greyhound over the years i think they are one of the best alround crosses some just take longer than others one of my dog was not interested in anything when chasing he was hafe harted and even turn around in mid chase until he was about 18 months old and then something clicked once he caught his first rabbit there was no going back turnt out to be a great dog have you tryed going out with someone whos dog carries live rabbits back let him see it and smell it,
  11. hi mate iam interseted in your dog any chance you could send me a photo of her and what sort of money are you looking for her. thanks paul.
  12. Thanks guys for your offers iam looking for something like collie x greyhound or beddy x greyhound..
  13. Hi guys do you no of anyone how can help last month i had my top working lurcher bitch stolen out of my kennels so iam in the market for a lurcher bitch nothing to big around 23 inches must be 100% rabbiting dog { lamping and ferreting} no bull x thanks paul.
  14. Hi all my name is paul iam 43 years old my job pest control ive have owned and worked lurchers for the past 30 year and i still get a thrill when iam out in the feild there is nothing like watching a lurcher coursing a rabbit.
  15. Hi guys just join this site can any body help me iam looking for a working lucher bitch or one thats just started dont wont anything with bull in it . i run a pest control bisness in pembrokeshire i had one of my dogs stolen last month so iam down a dog whitch is butting a lot of work on to my other dogs iam looking for something no bigger than 24 inches and no older than 2 years i dont mind small dog ive got beddy x whippet and kelpie x whippet the bitch must be 100% rabbiting { lamping and ferreting } . many thanks paul.
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