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    Wrexham in North Wales
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    ferreting ,working lurchers day and night ,mooching about with the terriers and just being out in the countryside
  1. Not been on here for a long time, but all see!s the same

    1. Wxm


      Seems to be the same old same old :D

  2. the fezz

    First Night On The Lamp

    Dogs did well good start
  3. the fezz

    I Hunt With Mink!

    great thread , very interesting atb fezz
  4. the fezz

    Boarder Terrier

    Nice looking dog Fezz, she looks the spit of my bitch. Don't know how to upload pics though!! thanks price , cant knock her or the other two iam bringing on il try and get some new pics up , atb Fezz
  5. the fezz

    Boarder Terrier

    [/url]">http:// my little bitch ,great wee dog , works all cover, marked true from 6months old a pleasure to watch working also bringing on 2 younger dogs makeing good moochers
  6. the fezz

    Chirk Show

    was a great show yesterday , nice feild aswell and a nice turn out , que for the burger van was loooong lol nice to see some of the lads atb Fezz
  7. the fezz

    Wales V England

  8. dogs looking good bud , like the pup , whos dogs that with your lad
  9. the fezz

    Won 1St Price :)

    well done mate
  10. the fezz

    hilux help

    wheel bearings steve
  11. the fezz


    id love to go , but my bodys not up to it theses days
  12. the fezz

    theiving b*****ds

    cheeky fookers
  13. the fezz

    Friday 13th

    i was born on friday the 13 , my mrs belives in all that sort of stuff , but not me ,its just an other day
  14. the fezz

    The perfect husband...?

  15. the fezz

    mini digger hire wrexham wanted?

    yea steve ring me tomoz and il gie you his number