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  1. Bsa scorpion t10 View Advert Bsa scorpion t10. Tactical stock. Moderator, Bipod, sling, 3x9x50 Nikko sterling scope. 2x 10 shot mags. and gunbag. Also included 12 litre dive bottle and whip. Out of test but still about half full. Collection northants. Advertiser ianltz Date 16/01/18 Price £350 Category Airguns
  2. god i need to come on here more often, some great knives there fellas, i just bought a nice damascus blank and am thinking about what to make the handle from, def love to join in the next round if u do one, good job all
  3. cheers guys, put my mind at ease
  4. well shay just waitin for an invite to get the theoben out lol, u comin to play in the mud at barnwell next sat
  5. looks crap shay lol, needs some proper mud on it
  6. so if she is having a phantom is there anything i need to do mate? or just let it run its course
  7. i have 2 jills, both sisters and 3 yrs old, they have always lived together, i have an albino that has always seemed to be the most dominant and a sandy that is quite placid compared to her sister, anyway took them for there jill jabs about a month or so ago, the albinos swelling came down in about 4 days and the sandy was still swollen after about 8 days, so a call to the vets to see if she needed another jab, they said she would be fine just give it time, she seemed to have gone down now, the albino seems fine now, but the sandy seems to look swollen around her belly area, and is now really
  8. thanks guys, the bleeding has stopped and she doesnt seem to be bothered, still running around like crazy, will keep an eye on here and if she seems to be sore or worse will get her to the vets
  9. hi guys, went to feed the ferrets this morning and noticed there seemed to be some blood in the court, checked the ferrets over and it seems that one of them has pulled a nail out, how major a thing is it, ie do i need to get her to the vets? or does anyone have any suggestions?
  10. well here they are guys, i know u have all seen ferrets before, but i think there great, when i go to the cage they run out of there bed and down the piping to the play area, none have tried to bite me yet (i did say yet lol)really pleased, there 12 weeks old, what age do ferts stop growing??? and thanks to all that replied with some helpful advice
  11. the guys been handling them everyday so hopefully no problems,but better to ask than do something to make them worst, should i leave them alone after settling them in for a couple of days or get handling them as soon as??
  12. any tips for if they get a bit nippy?
  13. yes its pine, i work for a company that builds sheds, summer houses etc, so plenty of it for free, seems a better use for it than the skip, thanks guys, getting an albino and a sandy jill, 12 weeks old, then would like a black eyed white hob that i can get snipped
  14. getting my first ferrets tomorrow. a pair of jills, been doing lots of reading up, just read somewhere that i shouldnt use wood shavings for there cages, any opinions??? anyone had problems using it. have got loads of shredded paper for bedding, just wood shavings for the hutch floor
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