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  1. Yes, anxiety. I know I am safe to have weapons... We're all obliged however to declare any relevant medical conditions even if we believe ourselves safe to hold a licence are we not? If I didn't think it was safe I wouldn't be applying.
  2. Define slow for me please I understand its on a case by case basis but what are we saying... 2 months? 6 months? I did read the article, many thanks! I have declared a medical condition (anxiety) and so imagine this does require the doctors "opinion" and therefore will ask for payment? who knows, we'll soon find out
  3. Hi all, I finally got around to applying for my licence this week to support me in the war against pigeons on a permission of mine! Does anybody have any experience with Lincolnshire firearms licencing? i.e. time scales for grants, ease of working with etc? I understand I will most likely have to cough up the doctors report fee Any advice/ experience would be great! wish me luck!
  4. WANTED 1-5 Gun Cabinet View Advert Looking for a gun cabinet/ safe. Must be police approved. Can collect Advertiser PadgettsDan Date 24/01/18 Price Category Other Fieldsports Equipment  
  5. Afternoon All, Quick hello as I'm new to the forum (shooting in general) My name is Dan and live on the skirts of Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire in Long Bennington near Newark. I've been back garden plinking for 15+ years but only in the past 6 months or so shooting quarry on a semi-regular basis. I have 1 small dairy farm permission locally where I support the farmer with his Pigeon and rat problem with the occasional rabbit! Working on another sheep farmer locally ready for lambing season to help with the corvids! Hope to get involved with the forum a
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