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  1. I'll sort some recent pics out, if you search 'Willow' in the search bar and a thread appears started by me when Willow was a pup. Hendo
  2. Alright Dave, Your right mate, i got 'Willow' last year from a gentleman in Nottingham, she's from working lines ( Sedgehurst mainly ) she's a great pup very lively, not a lump of a dog by any means, i would say the size of a ESS, im going to put her through her training soon and see what she's made of, i'm sure she'll make the grade. Hendo
  3. Cracking looking pup, all the best Hendo
  4. loves ice cold Stella !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. A few pics of 'Willow' shes 18 weeks old now, growing quickly, the only thing shes being asked to do is sit, which she does on command, apart from that...shes left to be a pup Baz
  6. HI English Springer Spaniel dog pups for sale, £350, KC reg'd, docked, bred from worker to worker, parents work under hawks and gun,excellent pedigree's well marked pups with plenty of character, will make top hunting dogs Any more info just ask. Hendo
  7. I keep my spaniels on Sneyds, never had any probs, would recommend it Baz
  8. Call her her 'Makem'...she'll be guarenteed to be a grafter Baz
  9. Cracking looking pup, what type of work you got planned for him ? Hendo
  10. Spot on Andy, i would make sure recall,sit and stay is 100% before i bothered with the heel work, my opinion, make sure one stage is complete before the next stage is started. You can always give me a ring for a bit of crack over thephone anytime mate. I have the springers, a cocker and a clumber at the moment mate, plenty to keep me busy Baz
  11. Alright Andy, i knew it was you and the pup, id like to see a few pics ! Its a simple problem to sort out, dont get frustrated, take your time and she'll be spot on. Train her in a quiet spot on your permission, no disracyions, just you and her, get the basics drummed into her, remember, its all a game at this age Baz
  12. She has lack of confidence in you, somewhere in her training you have been robbing her when she has been retrieving, she knows your gonna take it from her. Back to the vey beginning, loads of praise, silly voice, let her hold it for a while before taking it from her, she should think its fun and a game, but she's still only very young dont get frustrated and lose tour rag. Dont try to progress her training untill this problem is solved.
  13. It sounds like a dominance issue, when its a house dog, and not everyone treats him the same way, ie some people let him on the sofa, others tell him to get off, he's mixed up, he know's he's leader of some and not of others, everyone should treat him the same, and he should be shown he's bottom of the pecking order in the house, people first. It should be sorted quickly before it gets out of hand. Hendo
  14. A friend has asked me to advertise 2 KC reg'd ESS dog pups, ready soon, they are Liver & White, from working parents, pups are docked and dewclaws removed, excellent pedigrees. North East area. This is the info he sent me, any more info contact him on 07769320857. Hendo
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