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  1. tell you what prick face get your self out of the pub talking utter shite when youve had a beer thats all you are and all youll ever not a proper working dog man just a prick like half the nobs on this site f**k you people like you give this game a bad name have you ever worked a dog before
  2. new to the sport got to whippets bought the book treat them like heroes dave harcombe really enjoyed it so far. he mentions these lines in the book how much are the will be the pups im no time waster and really intrested pleae can you reply one way or other much appreciated, crump. rhondda. mating not took place yet but will do [bANNED TEXT] bitch in season need to pm spookie for more details
  3. dont need to theyve already sold themselves cheers pal
  4. dont need to pimp it the dogs he breeds have all spoken themselves time and time again
  5. any one wishing to get true ken goulds black stuff{ no messers no time wasters no soft lads who are scared of a bit of digging and a true hard working terrier} then pm spookie as he will be breeding later this year to stuff from nigger smithy simon troy turbo eyeball sparticus blackjack and all the top names from kens stock old and new {no brian nuttal fans need apply }
  6. eight fat healthy bunnies today

  7. i do think youd struggle getting a reply except from one of the lads from ireland but i wouldnt be surprised if the lads who matched previously still do it now at lot from up your way
  8. my mate has a good dog at moment day or night field or fen really takes them big rabbits well deer grey bed whippet grey good bitch
  9. have you had any dealing with any alan cockers dogs because there bred down from ken gould. spookie

  11. send me your number and ill send you a pic mate i have the litter sister here the dog is at my mates at mo whilst i sort house out
  12. i have but cant find connector to computer
  13. 10 week old dog pup for sale black and white sire pie bred bull grey from preston dam ex track grey out of number 1 stud dog in usa pm me for more detals in accrington lancashire 200 pound
  14. just wondering what age to feed bones to pups cant remember [bANNED TEXT] i started my last pup whats peoples views
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