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  1. Charity Show all proceeds going to cancer charities. Good little show
  2. Can't comment on rushill but Radbourne are as much lakelands as russels. Might upset the Jack Russel club brigade!!! RUSHILL IS RESPONSIBLE FOR PRODUCING SOME FIRST CLASS RUSSELLS.. HAVE SOME OF THEIR BLOOD IN MY RUSSELL..THE "ALF OF RUSHILL" RUSSELL WAS THEIR PERSONAL BEST.. http://www.rushill.co.uk/sd.htm Alf was bought in that's why he is Alf of rushill and not rushill Alf not detracting from a good dog just an observation
  3. goldie as you know im a russell man but i thought i would give them ago
  4. yes i got them from andri off this site
  5. here is my new pups off andri off this site well pleased with them
  6. i have a 1/2 cross bitch pup she is bright has marked since 12 weeks old jumps retrieves what more can i say
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