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  1. hope it goes better tomorrow night for you mate , atleast the beddy had a good time though
  2. i nearly bought sum the other day but changed my mind after handling them, they didnt seem too strong when i give them a pull, looked like they would frey and snap after been hit by a few bunnys...just my opinion though be nice to hear from someone that has used them
  3. i had a greyhound jill about the same length mate unfortunately died at the start of the year
  4. thanks for all the replys guys both positive and negative....what would you say was the "ideal breeding age" then ???? im not just going to rush in and breed from her im in no rush for a pup, just would like a pup out of her eventually. i want to do right by my dog and not ruin her so any advice will be appreciated
  5. thanks chris thats what i had in mind. bedlington/whippet as ive heard good things but was considering collie blood for the brains
  6. Hi guys i was just wanting some thoughts about what to line my bull x bitch with. shes 22" tts and a bull/greyhound x whip/greyhound...its not going to be until probably the end of this year as shes only 2, as ive read through alot of threads telling people to wait and let the dog prove itself first so thats the plan. i am keeping a pup for myself thats why i want to breed off her (not for money). i want a good ferreting dog so what do you think is the best option??????
  7. im sure there was 1 a few weeks ago on a thread with the link to download... try searching for that
  8. hi mate im from your neck of the woods, if you fancy a day out to see what its all about your welcome anytime to tag along. might even be to sort you a ferret out atb
  9. it does seem a bit pricey like mate. your lucky if u get £10 up here for a ferret, atb with the sale though
  10. i have sent you a personal message mate
  11. best advice i can give is be quiet and be patient. have your ferrets not bolted any at all???
  12. nice little dog that mate,how old is it shes coming up 2 mate my type of dog that mate,dont like them to big,how she work shes great does everything asked of her and more. never let me down
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