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  1. I have two that work with a whippet and they are very good at what they do
  2. We know that just wondered who he was
  3. Does any one know this Sab who beat a hunt master with a bar
  4. I used to go to his equestrian yard as a kid and take a little wired haired terrier out onto the tip that was at the back of his place you got a few surprises around that place
  5. Hello mate i was watching one in the field at the back of my house a few weeks ago and this was the longest legged of i had seen i thought at first it was a rough lurcher, it was very slim it was shot on an estate just up the road and the lad who shot , told me it was a very athletic fox the best he had ever seen
  6. Dytkos i was nicked at Frodsham on the marshes 25 years ago and ended up in a little court in Delmare and was told by my old judge i was a pest to society and if i appeared before him again he would lock me up. I took up jogging after to keep the dog fit that and didn't take any chances
  7. I have about 300 on the feeders in my garden lovely to watch
  8. I heard there was about 50k worth of kit stolen from some off the stalls shame when it come to that we are killing our own sport
  9. mark@mbb


    An old boy in Cheshire died and left a wildlife have at the end of his garden to the rspca who told him they would protect the animal s that lived on there within two weeks of him being deab=d they had sold it to a developer to build houses on for 300k what a shower of shit they are
  10. The farmer cut the hedges near me and they all disappeared
  11. I have an old ali milbro frame no elastic if your interested very light the frame must be 45 years old we have two in the workshop
  12. The pictures you have put up are of solid 100mm concrete blocks and they will be a strong as any you can buy the one which go in the floors are called pot and beam and are normally used in apartment blocks the ones you show in the picture are normally used in wall construction above the dpc and are usually rendered if used outside hope this helps
  13. We had to put new leaf valve as the bike wouldn't run with the air filter on so we had to modify it with a fine mesh
  14. If you ask in your local air gun shop they will know someone with a chromo who will test it for you or google an air gun sight and there must be someone local to you
  15. Cheshire must be a good area met i got mine as well and he told me after i had sgcfor 2 years i applied for a fax and the chief inspector fell of his chair but i got it so time is a good healer
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