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  1. People have been using my stuff and pics since we began the site and personally I couldn't care less, if you think it is good enough to copy and make a couple of quid more power too you. Incidentally the piece you put up was one of the first things I wrote, it is so old anyone who wanted too read it long age just had a look on Google and you have written nowt, easy hiding behind a pseudonym and slagging others off why don't you show some balls and write something . Countrymans Weekly is a good place to start and they pay you
  2. Hey my website has done 500 hits in the last two days thanks for visiting, you will get more about hunting there than this this thread
  3. cragger's is cumbrian-lad who runs the Lakeland Hunting Memories web site and Gone 2 Ground books, yes he writes books and magazine articles for various publications all this began when I posted an appeal for help in finding a greyhound fox carcase to take DNA off Foxtrotter replied to it and to my mind belittled me maybe I'm over sensitive but there was no need hope this clears it up
  4. I'm really sorry I can't tell you what they looked like for the simple reason no one has ever seen one alive or dead, when I started this it was to answer the question "did they ever exist" I managed to persuade Warwick Uni to do DNA on any likely candidate but despite some serious looking there is only one " We have DNA sequence from it and it is definetly fox but unlike anything in our database." It is a certainty that they bred with the smaller red fox hence the colour variations , size etc seen in today's fox. The trouble is no one is interested in research, the Prof and his friends in Bristol are only interested in the chip shop fox, so it looks like nothing will happen other than our efforts
  5. we never claimed it was the size of an alsatian what is going to happen is when the DNA testing is done we will make the results and pics available to all be it a greyhound or not it just takes time
  6. thanks for that don't think there is a lot of hope of shooting one (the true greyhound ) seems to have died off in the 1930's
  7. sorry Foxdropper I'm not called Dave and as the greyhound went extinct in the 1930''s I think it unlikely you will shoot one unless of course you have a seance Anyway thats me done got nothing more to say, life's too short
  8. The greyhound fox referred to in the previous article turned out to be a damp squib, the owner kept promising hair but not delivering it was only when I put a rocket up his arse that we got some, however things had moved on by then. There was the oddest piece of taxidermy at a car boot sale “darn sarf”, the vendor was adamant it was a greyhound fox and some chap despite strong objection from his wife bought it. At that point he knew nothing of greyhound foxes but soon after he saw a piece in the Countryside Alliance magazine I had written and sent some hair to Warwick. The e mail came back “We have DNA from the hair and it is fox but unlike any in our database, some of the differences may be sequencing artefact but we need to get more data.”
  9. Filmed at television quality this 50 odd min DVD attempts to capture the slowly dieing hunt sing song filmed at the 2016 Troutbeck Mayor making and with additional filming plus film taken pre ban this DVD captures the old post hunt atmospheric sing songs as near as possible Hi Ron, Contacts, me on 015394 32577 to order discs, enclose cheque for £10.00 if collecting or £11.50 including postage, £3 of each sale to the Coniston Hounds. Could order through you if OK and you could pass onto me. Hope this is OK, By post- Beechwood, 2, Borrans Rd. Ambleside, Cumbria LA22 0EN Thanks, Paul
  10. actually they were few in number but found all over the place as the following reports will show ITONFIELD FOX HUNT A greyhound fox (the largest ever known to have been caught in this part of the Country) will be let off near to BROADFIELD HORSE, on Thursday 4th January 1821 at 11 o’clock in the Forenoon. The hounds of E Hasell and F Vane, Esqrs, will attend. CARLISLE PATRIOT 30TH DECEMBER 1820 The lovers of the chase among our good citizens and neighbourhood will learn with pleasure, that Mr C Cross intends catering for their amusement by turning out tomorrow (Thursday) at Chapel Farm, Thorveton, a fine greyhound dog fox at half past ten. We wish them a fine day and a good run. Trewman's Exeter Flying Post or Plymouth and Cornish Advertiser, Thursday, January 11, 1844; The cub killed was a good specimen of the old Forest breed, the greyhound fox of which this country has an abundance, and nothing can speak more in favour of the fox preserving and farmers hereabouts than the declaration of Jem Hills that during the 17 years he has hunted the country (1) they have never imported a single fox from other countries. (1) He is speaking of the Heythrop Hounds JACKSON’S OXFORD JOURNAL 7TH AUGUST 1852 “Away they went for ? Plantation, and the dogs had not been in the cover two minutes before a fine greyhound fox was started from his hiding place, broke the cover and made on at a rattling pace for Barn Farm.” The Royal Cornwall Gazette, Falmouth Packet, and General Advertiser Wednesday, January 30, 1863 UPTON CHEYNEY- A fine greyhound dog fox was shot early on Tuesday morning by Mr James Wilson, who caught it in the act of visiting his poultry yard. It is a pity his Grace the Duke of Beaufort does not hunt this quarter oftener, as foxes are so very numerous. The Bristol Mercury (Bristol, England), Saturday, October 23, 1869 DEPREDATIONS OF A FOX – A few days ago Mr Matthew Lewis, of the Park, near Bridgend, was much annoyed by the ravages committed amongst his poultry. He adopted means to secure the plunderer, and on Sunday last he was successful in capturing a fine vixen fox of the greyhound species. During the visits paid his poultry, Reynard managed to destroy the large number of 83 fowls and 19 couple of ducks. CAMBRIAN The Morning Post (London), Tuesday 3RD August 1841 Brayford was the fixture for the 27th. The master arrived with 21 couples of hounds at eleven. A move was made to draw the coverts between Brayford and Challacombe, but they did not respond to the call, so the master decided to draw the open moor near Moles Chamber. Hounds were no sooner on the heath than they got on a fresh drag, and the master’s ye soon viewed away a brace of the wild Exmoor “greyhound foxes.” The report is of Mr Connock Marshall’s Foxhounds North Devon Journal - Thursday 05 February 1885 In the hilly country such as the Scottish Highlands the shepherd will also have to see that the flock is not attacked by the large greyhound foxes which are much bolder than those of the shires, and will tease a ewe with twin offspring all night long, trying to make it back over the edge of a precipice. Aberdeen Evening Express - Monday 22 March 1886 NORWEGEN FOXES – It is stated that Norwegian foxes are by far the best foreigners to turn away. They are much bigger than their English relatives, long in the leg like the old greyhound foxes of Dartmoor and Wales, and put together quite in the form for going. A gentleman brought a few cubs from Norway, and turned them away in the Burton country, Only one has turned up, but he gave the hounds a rare gallop for an hour, when they bowled him over. York Herald 12TH JANUARY 1874 A return was then made to Easby, and a fine greyhound fox broke away from behind the parsonage house. (The Zetland Hunt) NORTHERN ECHO 30TH OCTOBER 1883 On Saturday morning last, a fine old greyhound fox was found by the workmen, drowned in a lime pit, in the yard of Mrs. Smith, skinner, Chester-le-Street. The Newcastle Courant etc (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Saturday, October 18, 1828;
  11. Just an update we have found a Greyhound Fox authenticated by Peel no less killed in 1840 and have DNA from it tests are ongoing
  12. Just been in loft and found a box of over-printed books, The History of the Ullswater Foxhounds 1863 - 1913 and Vol 2 1914 - 1965 GOOD RESPONSE TO ORIGINAL ADVERT ONLY A FEW COPIES LEFT Also Bowman (Auld Hunty) his life and times, the first book since 1921 The Flying Whip (Brait Wilson) Finally The Mardale Shepherds Meet ( the only book recording the history of the world-famous hunt and merry making in the now flooded Mardale Valley) will sign if required ASKING PRICE £10 PER BOOK PLUS £2 POST AND PACKING SPECIAL OFFER ALL 5 BOOKS FOR £55 INC P AND P MAKE GOOD ITEMS FOR AUCTION AT HUNT FUND RAISING They will never be re-printed when they are gone thats it
  13. Foxdropper I'm honored that a man of such experience finds time to comment On my posting thank you
  14. Greyhound Fox DNA Project....... just been to Warwick Uni, we have received 27 samples................... sadly most are unusable but two (one from 1880 and the other 1906) are interesting but require much more work. The reason the samples are unusable is to do with the extraction of the DNA. it is not too late to join the project....................... if you have a mask or brush pre 1935 with a provenance and are willing to donate 6 - 8 hairs please contact me at cumbrian-lad@hotmail.co.uk
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