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  1. Just for clarification: Dr Pepper - Wikipedia
  2. Very interesting article. The part about wolves picking up genetic material from domestic dogs reminded me of an article I read about the black fur trait common in our western wolves. They were transplanted to the area around Yellowstone from the Yukon. They picked up the black fur from Inuit dogs that once lived in the area. (I'd be curious to see the male dog that pulled that off.)
  3. Watched a documentary on mushrooms last night. Think I'll watch all documentary's that way from now on.
  4. $27.41 USD. Pay the poor kid!
  5. Well, the officers have been thrown to the wolves.
  6. Moving plenty of air alright.
  7. I think you mean lethal so we can look at the toxscreen and get a pretty good idea. According to the history provided by his lady friend. Mr. Floyd was a habitual drug user with a recent history of attempting to quit. He used Oxycontin but not Fentanyl. When you take fentanyl along with meth the fentanyl wears off while the meth continues to have it's effect. This causes withdraw symptoms exacerbated by the meth. Agitation results and the sort of wild irrational behavior we saw in the videos. Tells us he was under the influence of illegal drugs in a public place. No suc
  8. It's true that people can build up tolerances to drugs. But that doesn't make a lethal dose rise as well. You take a drug for the high and find that the amount needed to achieve that high rises. Eventually the lethal amount is reached and if your lucky one of your buddies gives you narcan after they rifle through your pockets. Add to that the meth he took and we have a well known fatal mix. Based on my experience I'd say it's doubtful Mr. Floyd was in any condition to interpret his own signs and symptoms. While he was most likely/may have been in serious distress from the drugs he took. He gav
  9. Oh, the guy who isn't familiar with his departments policies and procedures. I'm obviously on the side of the defense. So I see these testimonies differently. But, I'll concede that an attempt at first aid seemed called for. But traditionally, police do not do this and frankly it was too late for Mr. Floyd anyway. Lethal amount of drugs and all.
  10. You're talking about the IT guy? lol
  11. Well, in my experience as a paramedic. Having a lethal dose of anything in your system will kill you. That's why it's called lethal. As you seem to like conspiracies I'll share my impression from watching the videos. The dealer (the guy in the red pants with the hat and ear phones etc.) Sent the space cadet Floyd (we would call him a flunky junky) in to see if the counterfeit money would pass inspection. It didn't and Floyd's behavior took the heat off of the dealer and wound Floyd up in the morgue. The dealer goes free and like has been said already, millions of dollars has been spent.
  12. Ah no. I meant you mate. lol
  13. Rose colored (no offense) glasses?
  14. I've been watching it over here. I think the defense lawyer is doing a great job and the facts are all on his side. But, emotions seem to control most people so...
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