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  1. Poorly paid, poorly regulated and poorly visited by family members.
  2. That's a little harsh, isn't it? The Ukrainians have had a hard history and they had no idea how to run a country when the Soviet Union broke apart. They have a long way to go to reach membership standards it's true. But they do seem to want it and assuming they somehow survive this war. I think they will get there.
  3. Death Valley California. Could always be worse.
  4. Man, you are a harsh judge. India is large and so is its population. Mainly because they were among the last to industrialize in the post WWII open markets world. (Industrialized nations tend to have fewer if any children.) I imagine they will catch up shortly after most European countries collapse. Canada's demographic is not promising: Whereas India's is just about ideal. Post Global Economy, they would be sitting pretty good with their location. Mountains protecting them from a collapsing China. Immediate access to oil from the "Arab" producers. They could
  5. I have no idea who that guy is. But, whether he's premature in declaring russia the victors or not. He's right when he says Ukraine will run out of fighting age men long before Russia does.
  6. Kind of how I feel. But it's hard to watch without doing something.
  7. I don't know why you guys hate Boris. He may have been a corrupt b*****d. But he has balls and sometimes balls are enough. Honestly, Michigan had serious financial problems, so we elected a businessperson to Governor. Sure, our financial situation improved. But he raised taxes on pensioners for tax breaks to corporations and gave over half a million inner city children lead poisoning. The lawsuit for that will cost us over one billion in the long run. So, are we better off for it? Depends on who you ask, I guess. Is there a system that isn't corrupt? Might be too much to hope fo
  8. Everybody in Europe has great cell and internet service. You think a little war could interrupt that? lol Water, electric, gas are all part of the infrastructure Russia is destroying at the moment.
  9. Thing is, we both live in democracies. We choose our leaders than we complain when they lead. They are not separate from us. They are us. Most of our current issues are the side effect of WWII/ THE COLD WAR. Just like WWII was a side effect of WWI. The upside is we were not killed in WWIII. Now the Global System is ending and we are wondering if Europe is going to explode into war again. I just saw that Germany has shut down Nord Stream for maintenance. Everyone is UPPING their military spending. Finland and Sweden are joining NATO and the USA wants is out of it all. How would y
  10. Maybe that is what we are talking about after all. We have anger like that over here as well. The Global Economy and immigration as well as jobs shifting overseas. Has laid a heavy price on the working class here of which I am a member. But, it's coming to an end and I imagine there worse for us in the near future. I'm too old to fight now. But, I will do what I can and bear witness.
  11. You know more about the EU than I do. (I think I understand why the UK got out.) That it was able to happen with a vote alone shows how far Europe has come. I also understand that Ukraine has a wealth of natural resources with which they might be able to repay the west for weapons etc. But of course that depends on them still owning them. Is that likely? What's most likely is that Ukraine will be destroyed fighting NATO's proxy war. Then it will be Poland and Lithuania's turn.
  12. WILF, the Ukrainians and Russians are not killing each other to your satisfaction? lol I don't trust your news media any more than I trust my own. But cities of considerable size are being pounded to dust. Russia has essentially cut off the eastern part of Ukraine. Where a majority of their industry and there for infrastructure lie. It's being systematically destroyed target by target. This a war like we haven't seen since you guys invited us over the last time.
  13. Interesting. It's true the global system was designed to block the then Soviet Union from the markets. An appreciation of irony requires I point out that the Communists who over through an empire. Created one of their own. But they have been selling oil and grain to the world for years now, haven't they? Sanctions which we all agree are better than WWIII. Are the tool of choice for ensuring appropriate behavior from nations. You can argue how effective they are all day if you care to. They do seem to be failing this time. I think this is why: Russia's land lacks defendable borders to the
  14. Did I kill the discussion? A recent report stated Ukraine was using 3000 artillery rounds a day. Any former artillery guys, could you imagine?
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