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  1. You still got them pups mate?? Ring me if you have 07496910132 cheers mate
  2. yamaha areox moped 2010 very cheap bike 1100 ono pm me
  3. weighed mine today in pets at home,, 53lb 24" could do with dropping a lb or 2 tho
  4. my bitch was bringing a rabbit back on the lamp and a squatter got up infront of her and she dropped the first rabbit and chased the second but my mates dog caught that one.
  5. verry nice bitch staggerz. my bitch has 1/8collie 1/8deerhound 1/8whippet 5/8greyhound and is 24" cheers, jay.
  6. nice one, its always nice to catch a black rabbit
  7. whats the big thing with blue dogs? how come he wants more money for the blue one i can never understand this it aint going to run any faster or be more game because its blue is it? cheers, jay.
  8. im on facebook i also hate all the woop woop shite!! jason hutchings
  9. they all count in my book mate day or night as long as it was between sept and feb, nice one cheers, jay.
  10. thats inspiring, what a lil bitch thanks wat kind of terrier is the ginger 1 top looking dog that mate is it a glens i dont know what he was to be honest mate, he said he was just a red fell type terrier he owned in the 's. he could dig easy fox's but he wasn't the best terrier hes had . jay.
  11. a mate of mine had a whippet russel years ago and she was a verry good bitch, he even caught a few rabbits on the lamp with her 16". some will have seen these piks before cheers, jay.
  12. my collie grey bitch 16 months old 24" jay.
  13. i would say steer clear of any adult ferrets unless you know them well and know they are well handled, as for working i think they can but i have took my mates adult non working ferret out once and he lay up at 3 foot and when we got to him he moved on and so on 4 times around the 3 foot mark cheers, jay.
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